Google has led to amazing discoveries in many forms, but imagine this: the company now wants to map our interiors. Google has a project called Tango that has aims to map the insides of the buildings we inhabit, work in and visit.

According to a report on, Google wants to map it all in 3D down to a resolution within inches and “make money in virtual reality along the way”.

Google will release more about the development of the project at its I/O developer conference near its Silicon Valley headquarters taking place May 18 to 20.

We do know a bit already. Virtual reality systems are already emerging onto the market for the average consumer, but Tango is different from the current systems as it doesn’t rely on any extra equipment to function.

Users simply install the application on any Android smartphone or tablet and take a picture of any inside space. Tango will measure the depth in the image to re-create the space on the screen and locate itself within that new digital environment.

“Tango is the indoor extension of their (Google’s) outdoor mapping platform,” said Lex Dreitser, a virtual reality developer who builds Tango applications, to

Google is allegedly working on making Tango 3D maps shareable so that they can be combined together into a “single, detailed digital representation of many of the world’s buildings, rooms and the stuff inside them,” says the Financial Post.

According to the Financial Post, Tango’s power could be far reaching, potentially making Google a rival to Facebook’s Oculus , on the virtual reality front.

It’s reported that Google hopes the software will provide support for independent developers looking to create new 3D apps and services. As one writer pointed out, video games could become a whole new world, with characters hiding behind real-life furniture and walls.

Tango could also open up a whole new world of advertising, with stores highlighting sale items and then guiding shoppers directly to the applicable shelf, as one example.

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