Industry Canada has given the green light to Gogo to provide its in-flight WiFi service to both commercial and business planes that are traveling within Canada and cross-border to the US.

Gogo has been issued a subordinate license allowing it to build an air-to-ground frequency spectrum that operates on the same frequency as its network in the continental United States.

Gogo has partnered with Ottawa firm, SkySurf Canada to build-out the cell tower and other infrastructure by the end of 2013. SkySurf will earn $3.3 million for the exclusive use of their air-to-ground licenses plus $200,000 a month for leasing signals and cell sites, according to media reports.

Gogo plans to build on its existing partnership with Air Canada and also concentrate on existing Canadian routes operated by its US and Canadian partners, including Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines.

The Itasca, IL-based firm, which employs more than 400, is the largest provider of in-flight Internet service in the US with receivers installed on more than 1,500 commercial aircraft.

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