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I think that by default, bit torrent will use all of your available bandwidth. By applying a limit to your upload speed, you leave yourself a small amount of bandwidth for outgoing data (emails, http requests, etc...). Same thing on the download side. if I let my torrents have all of my bandwidth, web surfing becomes intolerably slow.

To answer your question, it depends what else you want to do with your network. If you need bandwidth for other tasks, then set the limit a little bit lower than your total upload maximum. If, when torrenting, you walk away from your computer and don't use it for anything else, then by all means - have at it with every bit available.

I've never used uTorrent, but some torrenting software can auto-set maximum upload rates based on the average top speeds detected. The auto-setting usually does leave you a little left over for other tasks (~10% ish?). That may explain why you found yours set to 92 kb/s.
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