Worldwide television sales rose to a record 77.6 million units in the fourth quarter of 2010, up 15 percent from the same quarter in 2009, according to sales figures collected by DisplaySearch.

The market research firm says the strong gains are attributable to improved growth in developed markets, particularly North America, which had experienced a substantial slowdown during the first half of the year.

China was the only region to decline during the quarter, falling 2% from the same quarter of 2009, due to a significant decline in CRT TV shipments which more than offset growth of LCD and plasma.

Among competing television technologies, LCD accounted for about four out of five (81.8%) of televisions sold, followed by CRT and Plasma displays. The three types of technology account for 99.9% of all televisions sold during the quarter.

Other interesting sales notes:
  • Sales of flat panel 3DTVs during the October to December time period were 2.3 million units. While 3DTVs accounted for just 3 percent of units sold, they accounted for 9 percent of overall revenues.
  • Just under one in four LCD television sold in the final quarter had a 120 Hz or higher frame rate.
  • LED-backlit LCD TVs now account for 30% of total LCD TV unit shipments. This thanks to a reduction in LED premium through improvements in LED component costs and a reduction in the number of LEDs required in a given design due to improved efficiency.
  • Samsung was the top selling brand on a revenue basis, with a 21.2% share of total global TV revenues. Rounding out the top five were Sony (14.2%), LGE (12.7%), Panasonic (8.3%) and Sharp (8.1%). The top five brands accounted for 64.7% of global television revenues.
  • For the full year 2010, Samsung remained the top seller of LCD and flat panel televisions. Panasonic was the top plasma TV brand.
  • For 3D TV, Sony was the top 3D LCD TV brand on a unit shipment basis in Q4’10, and Panasonic was the top 3D PDP TV brand. However, in total combined 3D TV shipments across all technologies, Samsung was the leader.
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