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Should Global BC investigate this issue?

  • Yes, of course. Ostracizing is not tolerated as per the Business_Conduct_2019_july17.pdf

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • No, because they should get away with it and sweep it under the rug

    Votes: 1 33.3%

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I worked for Global BC in 2004 and and 8 months later they "laid me off" with no paperwork given

In 2007 they "allowed me" to return for an internship as I was studying a television production course in college

and a week later they had "laid me off" again with no reason given. Some employee told me, "Some person

doesn't want you here". Yet, the company has a policy about it, and the Human Resources does nothing about it.

The company should read their own policy before terminating persons who are the "victim"

See the document titled Code_of_Business_Conduct_2019_july17.pdf for clarity
In addition to all forms of harassment prohibited by legislation, Corus will not tolerate any form of personal harassment (such as threatening behaviour, bullying, taunting or ostracizing co-workers etc.) which may occur as a result of an employee’s position in the Company or because of an association with a group outside the Company, or perhaps because someone simply dislikes the individual.
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