Simply attach it to your hose, set the time, and it’s ready to go. Never over or under water again.

It’s raining and cloudy out the window right now, but as summer progresses, we all know just how dry and hot it can be. Last year scorched us out, at least in Southern Ontario. If you take care of a lawn and it’s finally returning to grace, you probably want to keep it that way, as much as possible.

But who has the time to stand outside every evening and spray the grass? And also to remember to turn the sprinkler off, once it’s started? Some do, if you’re like me, you may end up watering for an accidental 4 hours and creating paradise for mosquitoes in your backyard.

With a timed sprinkler system set up however, you don’t have to worry. Simply attach it to your hose, turn on the sprinkler, set the time, and it’s ready to go. It will shut off on it’s own.

Here are 3 systems that are worth looking at, to keep the lawn green and your water bill within reason:

1) Bosch Garden and Watering 9301GT Mechanical Water Timer

This simple mechanical timer from Bosch provides users with up to 2 hours of continuous watering. After that (or before that, if you wish) it will shut off automatically. Screw it onto the hose and dial in the time, as simple as that.

2) Orbit 62061N Single-Dial Water Timer

Connect this timer between your outdoor faucet and hose, and the watering is done for you. A large digital display and over-sized dial make it easy to read and set. Available in 1, 2 and 3 outlets, for multiple hoses.

3) Dramm 15044 Colorstorm Premium Water Timer, Green

This water timer from Dramm offers users a lifetime guarantee and a variety of colors to choose from.

Never leave it dry or flood it out again!

Photo credit: duallogic/Bigstock; DmitrySteshenko/Bigstock