Love shopping but feel like you’re never sure whether you’re getting the best deal out there?

Have no fear- great apps are here.

You might already use these, but if you don’t, now’s the time to start.

These five shopping apps are some top rated tech tools, and they can help you get you the best price.

1) ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is a great app for shoppers. Designed for iPhones and Android phones it allows users to search for an item or scan a barcode and look up prices nationwide.

The "SmartAlert" feature can notify users of special deals that fit their profile.


Designed for Android and iOS, this app has it all: mobile couponing, deal searches and price comparison features. Users can also sign up for alerts when deals or price drops occur on wanted items.


Look up online and retail store prices, product reviews and price matching programs with this app. Scan barcodes, QR codes and Microsoft tags to get prices and nutritional information if applicable and earn points for gift cards.

Win, win!


With this app, users can source 3 million products reviewed and compared by consumers. Purchx gives users the chance to see reviews, and compare prices over dozens of categories including electronic, grocery, home, sporting goods, beauty, appliances, baby, skin care, and hair care.

5) ShopToIt

Canada’s first bilingual mobile shopping application, ShopToIt allows users to compare online and in-store prices, as well as locate deals in their area.