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How to a free 7.75GB Dropbox account (or an additional 5GB if you already have an account)

Dropbox is offering free space if you install and use their latest beta client.

Here is how it works;

1. If you do not already have a dropbox account click here to sign up;

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2. Download the beta client for your operating system

Windows: 1.3.15.exe

Mac OS X: 1.3.15.dmg

3. Install the client and sign in to your account (at this point you will have 2 GB of space)

4. Complete the training and 5 of the steps on Dropbox and you will be awarded an additional 250MB of space (2.25GB total)

5. Take a random picture with your digital camera, then connect it to your computer via USB. The Dropbox client will upload the picture to your dropbox account. You will be awarded 500MB of additional space on your first picture upload (now 2.75GB in total).

6. Then for every 500MB of pictures or video you upload to Dropbox using the same method you will be awarded an additional 500MB of free space up to a total of 4.25GB additional (once completed you will have 7.25GB of free space). The best way to do this is to capture video with your digital camera since video files are much larger. Once your uploads are complete you can delete them.

7. You get an additional 250MB of space every time someone signs up from a referral link, so send your referral link (available from your Dropbox main page link "get extra space free") to 2 of your friends and get an additional 500MB of space when they sign up - giving you a total of 7.75GB free.

Best of all the space is permanent!!

Hurry while the beta program is still on.

Here is a link to the beta forum:
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