by Christina Peden

Ever dropped your smartphone or tablet and gotten a nasty crack in the screen? Don’t you wish there was some way you could have prevented it? Well, your wish is Geek Squad’s command.

Geek Squad today announced that it will be joining forces with Clearplex, a company that makes invisible touch screen protection for electronics and windshields. In joining forces, Geek Squad will be able to offer Clearplex’s screen protection for almost any laptop, phone or tablet.

Clearplex boasts a pretty impressive roster of clients — law enforcement, the military and the movie stunt industry all make use of their services. They also provide screen protection for all the electronic devices on the International Space Station, so it’s safe to say your device will be in pretty good hands.

“Nine out of 10 clients who bring in a cracked screen on a laptop, tablet or smartphone to Geek Squad for repair state they wish they'd invested in some form of protection," said Chris Sallans, Director of Geek Squad Canada. "Now they can see clearer with the benefits of screen protection through our new-formed partnership with ClearPlex. Clients can protect just about any of their electronics with ClearPlex, which takes our Agents minutes to professionally install and it lasts the device's lifetime."

Clearplex installation service is now available via Geek Squad at Future Shop and Best Buy locations across Canada.

There are a couple different protection options available:

ClearPlex HD – device screen protection only and best for flat surfaces, complete with scratch-resistant coating.

ClearPlex Ultra – device screen and body protection and good for curved and flat surfaces; includes self-healing technology.

Both come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you have the device, with in-store replacement if necessary.

Pricing is based on the size of the screen:
  • Small (3"-6"), $29.99
  • Medium (7"-8"), $39.99
  • Large (9"-11"), $44.99
  • Extra-large (12"-17"), $49.99

Custom installations are also available if your touch screen device doesn’t fit into the above categories.


Source: Geek Squad