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I thought i would share a little secret regarding Garmin's Basecamp software.

Ever wonder how you can do route planning, way-point management on your Garmin Nuvi series of GPS products... well you can.

Download Basecamp from Garmin's website for free. Connect your Nuvi, once connected you will see a progress bar as it transfers the pre-loaded map from your Nuvi to the computer. Once loaded you will now have full access to the map on your computer. Plan that trip to Florida etc...manage those favorites, waypoints etc.

A couple of things to note, once you disconnect the Nuvi the maps go away. But any routes you have created will stay, these can be transferred to the GPS.

I have successfully tested this on all current models, plus also an older Nuvi 760.

One other tip, if you own any of Garmin's handheld GPS units with pre-loaded TOPO maps it will also transfer those. If you have Garmin G2 Bluecharts plugged into the hand held you can also view those in Basecamp.

When you read the product description on Garmin's website it really does not tell you all the capabilities of this software.

I think it is pretty cool

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