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Futureshop is replacing my Sharp LC42D62U, what to choose?

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Hi, new to the forums here, just had a question about what to select.

In 2007 I purchased the Sharp LC42D62U (with the FS warranty thank god), and I have had it repaired 3 times, and just had it out for it's 4th repair so they called me today saying they are going to replace it...

So I called the stores near me (Vancouver area) and they said the replacement is the Sharp LC42D69U... (can't even find it on the Sharp website).

Same specs and everything... 60Hz LCD, etc... and it's $649.99 (nowhere near the $1,999.99 for my old TV, sucks it dropped so much).

My question is, should I just get that replacement... or upgrade to something better? Different brand? Sharp LED Quattron 46" for $1300?

Note: we do not own/rent/watch blue-rays, but I will be building a HTPC soon to watch movies/tv shows on the TV. (if this matters at all).

Thank-you for your input!
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If you have the extended warranty with FS they should replace the TV up to its original value - at least they have twice with friends of mine. One went with an upgrade that cost her $100 over the original price and the other opted to replace within the budget. You should ask how much room there is and if replacement is up to original cost or not. You could probably get bigger and better out of them.
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