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Purchased this a little over a year ago, in mint condition.

The Denon AVR-988 has been rebuilt from the ground up and has been outfitted and updated with the latest A/V theater technology allowing for enhanced multi-room operation and performance. The AVR-988 now has HDMI v1.3a which brings with it the new surround formats of Dolby Digital TrueHD and dts Master Audio decoding providing for the ultimate surround experience. Audyssey processing has been updated which will provide improved auto calibration results for even smoother sound reproduction. The Faroudja FLi2310 processor, one of the best in the industry, has been employed to allow for video scaling to 1080p resolution. An RS-232C system control port and serial IR ports are provided for ease of integration for complex home audio installations with 3rd party controllers. Additionally, the AVR-988 comes with a pre-programmed IR remote control.
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