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Free Previews

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I just called the FibreOp help line to ask why the other sportsnet regional services were not available and was told that Rogers pulled all the other regions from previews the day before they launched SNET1. I can get them for the first month if I want to pay $5 for them but no freebie. The agent was really pleasant but made it perfectly clear that a competing television service provider was also the owner of those stations. She also said that they are still working on plans to include SNET1.
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It appears that Sportsnet one is now on Fiberop, HD channel is 466, I just noticed it today, and was able to watch the ball game so it must be on a free preview for the time being.
Yeah I noticed just after Bell TV (ExpressVu) announced a deal with SNET1 the other Sportnet channels became available. I called Bell on Tuesday and they said they were still in dicsussions with Rogers (canned response I believe) and then SN1 and SNSENS appeared on the guide.
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