If you have a legitimate beef with how cell phone providers charge for their services, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is quite interested.

Many Canadians are still confused about their mobile phone contracts, how particular items are billed and even what some of the terms mean.

In an effort to build a new code for retail wireless services, the CRTC is asking for consumer opinions , questions and comments to establish consumer rights and rules wireless service providers should follow.

"Our goal is to make sure that Canadians have the tools they need to make informed choices in a competitive marketplace," said Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC.

Tony Lacavera, Chairman and CEO of WIND Mobile was quick to welcome the new code announcement: "Canadians need to be protected from deliberately confusing contract terms, abusive termination fees and hidden charges. WIND has been championing clarity and simplicity since we launched in the Canadian market, and we intend to work with the CRTC to develop a code that stops the bullying and creates a level competitive playing field."

The CRTC will accept comments until November 20, 2012 and also announce details about an online consultation to promote further discussion among Canadians.

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