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I will also put up a 5 director yagi with corner reflectors pointed at Port Angeles to try and pick up K30FL-D CH30, a KIRO TV (CBS) station.
That might work; it's worth a try. K30FL has a short tower and the FCC Longley-Rice coverage map shows spotty coverage in your area.

tvfool terrain profile for K30FL:

TV Fool

Here is a different terrain profile:

Here is a close up coverage map of your area:

which came from here:

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It's been a while. Life happens. Since the topic here is fractal TV antennas I want to get back to that subject. But first let me relate my solution to my antenna reception problem.

I put up a Stellar Labs Deep Fringe Directional Antenna VHF-Hi HDTV 174 - 230MHz, which is pointed at Seattle, WA, 128*T. This picks up channel 9 and 11 including sub channels. Reception is about 95% reliable for ch9 and 80% reliable for ch11. These are summer time results. I have no results for winter time. I also put up a Televes V Zenit UHF Only HDTV Antenna LTE Filtering 149281, which is pointed at Vancouver, BC, 006*T . This antenna receives (real) channels 26, 32, and 43 fairly well; the rest of the channels in that direction are only so-so at best. I also pick up channels 19, 24 and 35 from Orcas Island, though ch35 and its sub channels are very intermittent. Both of these antennas are attached to a Televes 3 antenna combiner/booster. All unused coax ports are capped with terminators. Overall I would say I'm getting about 65% of my targeted channels. Considering that I am located in an extreme fringe area, I would say that is fairly reasonable.

I did try several different antenna builds, including the Koch fractal and the Gray-Hoverman, both with and without reflectors. These builds worked OK for some channels but not others. I got different results from various locations on my roof. I finally decided on the location that gave me the best overall combination of desired channels. In the end, I decided to go with commercial yagi antennas. They provide adequate reception while being considerably smaller than multi-bayed fractal or GH antennas.

A final word about fractal tv antennas. They had a certain appeal for me at first because I found the shapes interesting and they seem to have good broadband characteristics. However, all the extra wire bends in the fractal antennas create resonances in several bands other than Hi VHF and UHF. It seems that these resonances tend to interfere with with parts of the TV band causing inconvenient nulls. This does not seem to be a significant problem when the antenna is relatively close to the broadcast source. However, in extreme fringe areas, these extra resonances can be quite annoying.

So my next step in this ongoing saga is to see if stacking and ganging UHF antennas will will pick up more channels and improve reception for others channels not currently in my cone of reception. I will post some of my ideas for this on the stacking and ganging thread elsewhere on this website. I look forward to the expert input there.
341 - 343 of 343 Posts