In financial results released today Shaw Communications said it now has over 1.265 million customers capable of receiving high definition (HD) programming.

The number includes 835,000 HD capable customers at Shaw Cable and 430,000 HD customers at Shaw Direct, the company's direct-to-home satellite broadcasting division.

Overall the company has 3.2 million cable and satellite television subscribers which means about four in ten (39.3%) of its customers can receive HD programming. Shaw says its cable operation now offers over 120 HD channels as well as HD programming through its VOD (Video on demand service) while Shaw Direct now offers 79 HD channels.

In addition to announcing more high definition capable customers, the cable division also reported significant gains in the number of households subscribing to digital cable. The number of Shaw digital cable customers now stands at 1,748,538. The percentage of Shaw Cable subscribers who subscribe to digital cable now stands at 75.6%.

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