Fossil Brand, the maker of fashion watches and wearables has announced their new line of smartwatches and an activity tracker that will be coming to consumers between early summer and fall, 2016.

Q Wander and Q Marshal, powered by Android Wear, are Fossil’s newest smartwatches. Both items come with a touchscreen display, refined steel and classic leather accents.

Thanks to customer feedback, Fossil says the cases are now 44mm and 46mm, and have a silicone strap option making the devices functional for everyday style.

Features on the new smartwatches will include:

-an interchangeable genuine leather strap

-a rugged case

- always-on displays

-the ability to respond to messages from your watch by tapping the screen or     by using voice commands

-the ability to receive timely reminders such as commute info and flight times thanks to Google Now™ cards

-customizable watch face designs

-compatible with Android™ smartphones and iPhones

 Features on the Q Motion activity tracker will include:

-notification of calls and texts via haptic vibrations and multi-colored LED lights

-the ability to track your sleep and activity

-smart tap technology

-a coin battery with 6-month charge

-water resistance up to 50 meters

-a cylinder design with interchangeable straps


Both Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches will be available later this year and start at $275 (US).

Fossil’s Q Motion activity tracker will be available around the same time, starting at $95 (US).