It's small, convenient and has no contract attached to it-all round win.

I love smartphones. In our house, we’ve got a Sony Xperia and an iPhone 6 and it feels like we’ve got things covered. There’s also an iPad lying around and so, like many, we have the advantages of connecting into Wi-Fi on a device without a contract when we wish.

The trouble is, the camera on my Sony smartphone just konked out. The photos it takes are blurry. It isn’t the lens that’s smudged, (we’ve tried polishing it) but rather the aperture that won’t focus anymore.

The device doesn’t have a warranty covering it anymore, but still works well for making phone calls, texting and apps.

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The thing is, I don’t want to shell out for a new phone right now, just because of a faulty camera.

Call me lazy, but I and feel like the rest of this smartphone still has a lot of juice in it. My predicament is that I don’t want to carry a camera around with me, but I still want to take pics easily. I’m not a data hog and I don’t really tend to go online when I’m out of the house. (I usually rely on my partner’s iPhone, when needed).

So, I find myself in the perfect position for an iPod Touch. It’s easy to buy one refurbished or on Kijiji or Craigslist for a minimal investment, and to have a very portable camera that accesses social media to post photos and does a plethora of other things.

Here are 4 additional basic reasons why, at least in this situation and possibly others, the iPod Touch rocks:

1) It’s Like an iPhone or a Tablet

You can’t make phone calls on an iPod Touch but you can do just about everything else you can on a smartphone or a tablet. That means you can access a camera, the Internet, apps, videos and social networking, which is pretty awesome.

2) It Doesn’t Require a Contract

An iPod touch connects with your existing Wi-Fi signal. Sure, you’re not getting all your usage completely for free but you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to a service provider to use it, like you do when using a smartphone.

3) It’s an Alternative to a Phone for Kids

If you want to let your kids have access to portable electronics but not really a phone (ie, you don’t want to be paying for another device every month), an iPod Touch is a great alternative.

4) It’s More Portable Than a Tablet

The iPod Touch is small enough to slide into your pocket easily. And if you’re traveling or on the go, you can easily load your device with some viewing content.

You’re not going to be able to carry around scores of feature length films, but you can have a bit of content. This is perfect if you want something small for the kids to use while away, or for yourself, when traveling.

Photo credits: ymgerman/Bigstock