Bluetooth record players are a great way to showcase your old records and combine them with new technology.

What’s a record player? For you youngins, it’s a turntable, and people once played things called ‘records’ on them. You could listen to music- but only about 8 songs per side, at a time- or a spoken word performance like comedy, and stop it from spinning and turn it over for more fun, once Side A was done. On to Side B. It made the world feel that much smaller and the individual songs in your music collection that much more important.

All kidding aside, the combination of old and new in Bluetooth record players is pretty neat.

If you’re looking for one that has that classic style, and also sports a radio (as many do), the he Pyle PTT30 Bluetooth Turntable is a good choice. It comes with built-in bluetooth for wireless music streaming that works with most devices, an aux (3.5mm) input jack to connect external devices, an AM/FM radio, and USB record ability with the ability to connect the player to your PC to save your favourite tunes and even edit them.

For something even more stylish, depending on your taste, CMC offers buyers the choice to listen and play DJ with a vintage blue case. This one folds up like a briefcase, for easy transportation

And one of the most affordable out there is the Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player Classic Turntable Stereo System. Inspired by the 1960’s, this player lets you “Hear every warm crackle and subtle nuance of your favorite vinyl records anytime, anywhere with the Archer turntable stereo system’s two built-in, full-range stereo speakers.”