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hi all

i have been reading posts from members on DHC re: their purchase of Focal speakers. as circumstance would have it, i was welcomed to borrow a pair of Focal Chorus 706v in addition to the Rega Apollo CD player, with accompanying Rega Mira 3 integrated, cool (and much appreciated).

**also brought in-house is a Cambridge Audio (MM) phono pre-amplifier (Azur 540P-B) seated between my Yamaha HTR-6190 and Projek RPM4 turntable. my 6190 "won't see me stuck" when adding a TT, and happy to see a phono stage on it, however, i think it's common knowledge for AVR's that you can't have well featured ..and quality performing components - and expect to pay $ 899 for it. so .. yeah, something(s) gotta give. anyways, this is the purpose of the CA phono preamp. i'll see (hear) more over this weekend's toying. should be a good learning experience.

.. . back to the Focal's. you hear it immediately, or rather it's what i don't hear. and, given it's beautiful design (i think) - seems focal doesn't do it like everybody else either. nothing wrong marching to the beat of one own's drum i say. stunning presence IMO. i really like their open, airy presentation.

without audiophile jargon (and my limited terminology of) these speakers are very smooth. not harsh @ all - 100% (to me). i can listen to these all day, oh right .. i have been .! ha ! (and this weekend too, bonus !) i simply love this speaker's tweeter. and it's relaxed, presentation, without being too detailed, bright and over the top. it's an audio delivery that many would enjoy relaxing to - for music and movies; DHC's members input (and rave) about these speakers character - i can clearly see .. i mean hear now. overall great value too, given it's modest MSRP.

anyways, thought i would share this experience with you follow geekaphiles .. ha ! perhaps if your whestling with "what speakers to purchase" .. certainly you should give these a listen. IF you can (in my situation), find a private dealer (maybe your local HT store will demo it out for you) ...and bring home any device(s) you are prepared to spend $$$ on ..and audition in your surroundings ..with your music .with your sources. specs and all the reviews you can google your heart out with, get you only partially there. peroid.

**additional setup images in my public folder. enjoy your weekend too.

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