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FM Radio should go Satellite

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I have been a Sirius Customer for what seems like forever (many years). I have become tired and extremely bored with the content. I am a classic Rock and Blues fan, but I like variety. I find the content on Sirius so repetitious that I can't even stand it anymore. I also find myself loading up my USB thumb drive more and more with music and listening to that as an MP3 player in my pickup more and more all the time. I also find myself listening more to Blue Collar Comedy and Laugh USA more than the music channels now on Sirius now than ever due to becoming so sick and tired of the content, but I am getting bored with that as well ( waaayyyyy to repetitive as well). I have often thought about cancelling my subscription, but I am on the road all over the place, where I don't always get FM reception. I am on the road every day and all day in my truck. I find I also like to follow my local FM channels to stay in touch with what's going on the real world.

That's where I would love to see all the FM radio companies come up with their own Satellite system. I would rather subscribe and pay for my favorite FM channels than subscribe to crap. I would gladly pay to have FM on my satellite system. It should be like Shaw Direct or Bell satellite but in our vehicles as radio satellite systems. That way we could subscribe to our favorite channels instead of a bunch of junk that we don't even want to hear and pay for what we only subscribe to. This would also be a great way for FM staions to generate more money and stay alive out there. Sirius could also make money by allowing this to happen with FM radio stations. I would still stay a Sirius customer if they would make it so we could subscribe to certain FM stations on our Satellite radios. That way we would never lose our reception to our favorite FM channels.

This may be wish full thinking, But I think it's a great idea that many of us would like to see and gladly pay for. I hope someone out there is listening or reading things like this and actually takes this idea and runs with it someday. Because whoever does this first already has their first subscriber waiting right here right now.
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Terrestrial FM stations are typically much worse than Sirius XM. Play lists are purchased by corporate head offices in predefined packages. Then the songs are repeated over and over until a new package is purchased (AKA a format change.) While I agree that some Sirius XM stations have relatively short play lists, some formats, by definition, have short playlists. Anything that is era based or plays a format that is no longer current has a limited number of songs to choose from. While I think that some of Sirius XM stations could do a lot better, corporate owned FM (which describes most stations) is much worse.

A better option are streaming radio services that allow the creation of playlists customized to personal taste. The subscriber gets to define what they want to hear and what they don't. I subscribed to several of these services at different times. They typically have a choice of several million songs to choose from. The down side is that some popular artists and songs are often missing. In addition, some of the better services are geo-blocked outside the US.
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Some stations are doing good things with FM subchannels. It looks like the format is DOA in Canada though. It is doing well in a few large cities in the US and Europe but that's it.
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