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104.3 WOMC Detroit.
Did you know that 104.3 WOMC isn't "Oldies" anymore? It's more like 80's music or something. They call it "Classic Hits" but most of the 60's and 70's was dropped completely. Maybe all the "oldies" died off.

Windsor and Detroit stations usually drift off past Chatham, about 100 km or so. Pretty wild anyone that far away can pickup a Detroit station with specific environmental conditions.

I use a bare coax wire and pickup about 40 stations from Windsor and Detroit. I'm local of course. I can get a station from Chatham with that bare wire, which is about 80km away, reliably.

Wonder what I could get with a real FM antenna... I have a couple sets of old Sansui Tuners/Amps that I listen to FM Radio on.

I used to get WIOT 104.7 from Toledo, OH back in the day. Get nothing right now. It's between two very strong Detroit stations though.
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