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This is news to me, so I checked.
Went to services and set it to disabled - sure enough, PSE wouldn't start.
Set it to manual again and PSE started just fine.

It was originally 'Stopped', only started when I opened PSE.
And about a minute after I closed PSE it's back to 'Stopped' status.
So it doesn't really run 24/7. Only when the program's open. I'm fine with that, though I don't like the idea of licensing crap with all my software.

If yours is running 24/7 something's not ending it correctly.
I'm on 7x32 if that's the difference. You're probably using 7x64 and there's a bug in the 64bit code (if elements even runs in 64bit mode?) or the WOW64 resulting in it remaining active
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