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Without any warning, my Adobe Photoshop Premiere and Elements 8.0 software stopped working with an Error 150:30

After much hassle, I was able to figure out how to get it working again.

It seems a service called "Flexnet Licensing Service" by Acresso Software has to start up on my system and be running 24/7 or else Adobe software won't work.

I have no problem with Adobe requiring their products having to be registered and I have no problem with it communicating with Adobe every few months to validate, however, I don't want unknown and unnecessary services running on my system 24/7. Especially services which potentially communicate with Adobe servers when I'm not using Adobe products.

Products that in my mind communicate with other services relaying information back about my system are best described as spyware.

So can anyone tell me:
  • why does the Flexnet service have to run 24/7 even when Adobe software is not running?
  • Is there anyway to have the service start and stop when I open and shut down my Adobe software?
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