In a finding that is unlikely to surprise many Digital Home readers, a recent DisplaySearch report confirmed the commonly-held assumption that households in richer countries own more TVs. Researchers found that households in developed countries own 28% more TVs on average than households in emerging countries.

The study also found that within the thirteen countries measured - Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, UK, France, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, United States - the average number of TVs per household was higher in homes that had a flat screen tv.

“Whether a consumer resides in an economically developed or emerging country, those who are willing to adopt new TV technologies possess greater interest in owning TVs in general, have higher incomes, and can afford more TVs, or both,” noted Paul Gagnon, DisplaySearch Director of North America TV Market Research.

The researchers says the tendency for flat panel TV adopters to own more TVs was even more pronounced in emerging markets where there is greater income inequality.

Gagnon added, “Owners of at least one flat panel TV in developed countries owned 30% more TVs per household than households that didn’t own any flat panel TVs. In emerging countries, the difference was even higher on average, with flat panel owners having 37% more TVs than non-flat panel owners.”

Among the thirteen countries studied, the United States had the highest number of televisions per household while India had the fewest, as one might expect from a country with fewer households able to afford a TV.

Despite this, some countries have a higher number of TV sets per household than might be expected, like Mexico, which ranked fourth among the countries studied. When considering the higher number of people per household, however, around 3.8 persons per household on average compared with 2.9 on average in the United States, the average number of TVs per person in Mexico drops towards the middle of the pack among countries in the study.

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