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Flakey internet, change DNS?

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I have Optik TV and I am experiencing flakey internet, but my TV is fine so I'm thinking its a DNS issue.

Is there anyway to change the DNS that the router uses or set up another router (I have a Time Capsule) to serve up the DNS?

My router:

Software Version:
Release Date: Jun 7 2010
Platform: Dlink BCM96358
Tag: Ntag-4_5_2_2_105_2_8
Compilation Flags: LIC=/home/bat/bat/wlx_0128_4_5_2_2_105_2/20100607_0923/conf/jpkg_wlx_0128.lic DIST=WLX_0128
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I doubt its a DNS problem, all TELUS Optik customers use the same DNS servers, if they were bad all customers would be having issues and I assure you that is not the case. If your internet is slow or unstable its probably going to be a service call to get to the real cause, regardless of how the TV is looking.

Have you tried another PC, do you have someone who could bring their laptop over and see how their PC surfs? It could be your PC has aquired a virus, or has an issue. If you can connect another PC this would be a sure way to check your internet's performance.

Good ammo to have when you call up for service too, if you can say "its not just my PC either no PC has good internet when connected" this will get you through the troubleshooting stage alot faster with the CSR

- another TELUS tech
I have this problem on my wireless iMac, our two iPhones, our iPad and my laptop when wired directly to the TELUS router. I told the fellow as much. Being escalated right now, apparently.
they say I have a massive amount of upload/download, but I am only barely uploading on bittorrent. Having them re-check.
Are you using Mac's email program? I was told recently there are issues with its upload if used with the latest two versions of OS-X. It seems it spams the network continually looking for incoming messages. I honestly don't know the situation for sure as I'm Mac illiterate, but I will check with my source tommorrow and get back to you.

All I remember is there are issues with the Mac e-mail program and that Apple is aware and it's an Apple issue. Optik has strict QoS and won't allow that kind of packet spamming on an Opitk circuit.

Have a look at this page and you can see an Optik customer with Mac stuff who has no issues and is on an Actiontec. Maybe PM this person and ask if they have any advice.

- another TELUS tech
I was on with a level 2 tech and he/she said there was a "massive" amount of data being transferred. I had Transmission (bittorrent open) but I wasn't downloading, just uploading at 10KBs). Then I quit Transmission and he said the data had stopped.

This is a new issue though and I haven't really changed anything except upgrading to the latest Transmission beta, so maybe that's it.

I have been reading that sometimes there a download queues that can fill up the router.

Not sure though. I have stopped Transmission for the moment and I'm going to see if that helps and if it does I may try uTorrent to see if it is better.

To answer your question, yes, we do use but nothing has changed recently so I don't know what is up.
Having a lot of connections in some apps can slow down the router. Torrent apps can do this if they create/allow too many connections. It's not so much the app as the settings that cause the problem. Consumer grade internet routers typically do not handle this type of scenario well.
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