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Hey all, apparently MTS now has a fix for a known issue with people who torrent with Ultimate TV, which can cause the TV service to bog or stop (probably because the torrenting program is using too much bandwidth?)

The recommended settings are as follows:

In uTorrent, for example, go to "Preferences" then "Bandwidth" and set "Limit Maximum upstream rate" to 12. Then set "Global maximum number of connections" to 100.

The screen shot also shows "Maximum number of connected peers per torrent" at 50, and "Number of upload slots per torrent" at 2. I helped a customer for the first time today, and I think these last two settings were different, but MTS didn't highlight them so they may not be as important.

There is also a setting that the installer should change on the 2WIRE gateway under a special "MDC console" that isn't normally accessible by the customer. Not sure I should be posting that here, so if anyone wants help with that I might suggest calling MTS tech support and if they won't do it over the phone, maybe they'll send someone out??

If it comes down to it, I guess I can send some pm's. Hopefully I won't be bombarded with requests :)

Hope that helps. It sounds like a common issue from what I see on here.
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