Today, Fitbit introduced Fitbit Alta ™ , a new fitness wristband in line with the existing wearable fitness bands.

Fitbit Alta comes in a stainless steel body with a satin finish-soon to come in gold stainless steel- and features a line of stylish interchangeable bands in multiple colors and materials.

What's been added? In addition to automatically tracking your all-day activity, exercise and sleep as the original Fitbit does, this band is equipped with Reminders to Move to help users stay active and reduce stationary time.

On their website, Fitbit states that the new band does this using short, positive prompts, that encourage users to meet a mini-step goal of 250 steps each hour (approximately 2-3 minutes of walking).

The prompts can be personalized to a schedule and can easily be put on “Do Not Disturb” during long meetings or appointments.

The Fitbit Alta also comes with SmartTrack ™ automatic exercise recognition, weekly exercise goals in the Fitbit® app and all-day activity and automatic sleep tracking.

Using Bluetooth® Smart connectivity, Fitbit Alta allows users to stay connected with the smart notifications. It comes with a battery life of up to 5 days, and is compatible with more than 200 Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices and computers.

And as an added bonus, a convenient quick-release feature allows users to wear Fitbit Alta as an accessory and also as a workout-friendly wristband.

Fitbit Alta is available for $129.95 (U.S.) for presale today at and tomorrow at major North American retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nordstrom, REI, Target, The Sports Authority, Verizon and Walmart.

The tracker will be available in North America beginning in March 2016.

At launch, Alta will be available in a black, blue, teal or plum high-performance fitness band with a satin finish.

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