This week, Fitbit released localized versions of its award-winning fitness app, FitStar Personal Trainer , in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, making it even easier for users around the world to reach their fitness goals.

FitStar™,  one of the largest platforms for delivering personalized video-based exercise experiences on mobile devices, provides workouts customized to a person’s fitness level. By tailoring the intensity and difficulty of each move, the workouts evolve as the user progresses.

The app’s customized video workouts led by American football legend, Tony Gonzalez, feature voiceover and on-screen text in each local language.

“Our goal is to help individuals lead healthier lives by making Fitbit’s FitStar Personal Trainer as accessible and effective to as many people as possible,” said Mike Maser, Co-Founder of FitStar at Fitbit. “We recently released FitStar Personal Trainer on Android, introducing the app to an entirely new audience. Now, we are further expanding to create a fitness experience that is more personalized for our global users.”

Acquired by Fitbit last year, FitStar Personal Trainer offers two personalized sessions a week and more than a dozen stand-alone Freestyle sessions such as “7 Minute Workout” and “The FitStar 15” for free.

For $7.99USD per month or $39.99USD per year, people can access unlimited customized workouts across four goal-based programs: Get Strong, Get Lean, Get Moving and Daily Dose, as well as 35+ Freestyle sessions.

FitStar Personal Trainer is available across the web, on iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, and Android mobile phones.

The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play , as well as accessed on the web .

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