Shaw Cable announced today that the first firmware update for its Whole Home PVR system was deployed this morning in Vancouver and will be rolled out nationally on Thursday.

Released this past summer, the Shaw Gateway is a digital set top box which connects to the coaxial cable coming into the home and then acts as a server or central hub to one or more portals throughout the home.

In a Digital Forum post , the company published a list of over 50 new features, improvements and bug fixes embedded in the new firmware.

Updating the Shaw Gateway

Called IS2, the new firmware was deployed between 2am and 6am this morning to Shaw customers in Vancouver. Shaw Gateway owners in the rest of the country should receive their firmware updates between 2am and 6am local time on Thursday.

Shaw says both the Gateway and portals will be updated with new firmware. The firmware release version will be for the Gateway and for the portal.

Shaw says the firmware update will download the background therefore there is no impact on the functionality of the Gateway during the download. Once the download is complete, a message will be displayed stating that there is new code available and the unit must reset.

Once the message is received, Gateway owners can delay the reboot if they are watching television. If the message is not acknowledged the unit will reboot, provided no current recordings are in progress.

Shaw advises that if Video is not restored within a few minutes of the reboot, owners should unplug the unit for several minutes then reboot in order to restore playback functionality.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

The following is a list of over 50 bug fixes and enhancements provided by Shaw to Digital Home.
  • Customers should no longer see error message "5102 - An error occured..." when using the channel up or channel down keys.
  • Customers will now have the option to "buy" or, alternatively, to "cancel purchase" a future Pay-Per-View program from the PPV menu.
  • When a customer purchases a PPV event, the purchase decoration (play symbol) is now updated on all Portals.
  • When a customer has 6 recordings in progress and they attempt to change the channel, they will now see a conflict screen asking them to cancel a recording, or to not change.
  • When the customer is presented with a conflict note and after selecting "don't change" and dismissing the conflict note, playback of the recorded program should no longer stop. A previously tuned live TV channel is no longer displayed, nor a should a black screen appear with flip bar showing the last attempted channel's information.
  • When the customer selects to stop one of the recordings on the "change channel" conflict note, the Portal will now correctly display the screensaver instead of a black screen.
  • When a customer has 6 tuners active with PVR recordings and then navigates to VOD, the flip bar information for the most recent recording will no longer show the information from the VOD title ordered.
  • The program guide will now correctly display guide data if a customer uses the channel list to hide a channel that exists in their favorites. Previously, all favorites would appear with no guide data present.
  • Customers will no longer see error message "3406 - The requested operation timed..." when attempting to delete recordings from more than one Portal at the same time.
  • When a customer selects "keep" at the end of playback of a recorded program, the center focus should now go to the recorded TV menu.
  • The Portal will no longer display a transparent filter menu overtop of a channel when a customer presses the menu button, navigates to a filter (i.e. movies) and then enters a channel number followed by pressing "OK".
  • Customers will now see the content expiration time on currently rented VOD titles.
  • Customers will now see the power indicator on the front panel illuminate without having to toggle the LED brightness from within the settings menu.
  • Customers will no longer see malformed text in the "my orders" section of the VOD menu when they do not have any presently active orders.
  • Customers should no longer experience a 4-5 second delay when opening the grid guide. Additonally, customers should no longer experience a 1-2 second delay when pressing live TV from within the grid guide.
  • Customers should no longer recieve a "not subscribed" or "no signal detected" message after purchasing a PPV event.
  • Customers should no longer see error message "5102 - An error occured..." when trying to order VOD titles.
  • When a customer presses the info button followed by menu during playback of a VOD title, the program information should no longer appear transparent or overlaping the main menu.
  • Customers should no longer recieve a "you do not subscribe" message when playing VOD titles on multiple Portals at the same time.
  • Customers should no longer experience slowdown when attempting to use transport controls during playback of VOD titles from the remote. (i.e. skip, replay, back, next)
  • When ordering of a VOD title fails for any reason, customers should no longer receive a generic "We apologize..." error message.
  • Customers should no longer experience a black screen when attempting to resume playback of a recording after having stopped playback.
  • Customer should have have access to all levels of rewind speed if the action is attempted while watching playback of a recording, where previously only 1x speed was available.
  • Customers will no longer receive the tuner conflict prompt on a Portal which is currently playing back a VOD title. Instead, this conflict screen will only be displayed on a Portal playing back live TV.
  • Customers should no longer see error message "5102 - An error occured..." when attempting to change channels using the channel up/down buttons, or when selecting a channel from the channel filter card.
  • Customers should no longer experience issues where the PVR has recorded the wrong program or portion of a program.
  • When a customer presses the info button during playback of a VOD title, the text should no longer overlap the flip bar.
  • When a customer resumes playback of a paused recording, the time indicator should no longer incorrectly jump or skip ahead.
  • The system time on the Portal should now correctly report the current system time. Previously this may at times appear to have jumped back by one hour.
  • Customers should no longer see the "play" icon on Pay-Per-View titles where the purchase window has passed and the purchase failed.
  • Customers will now be able to attempt purchasing of a VOD title again after the inital attempt failed. Previously all subsequent purchase attempts would also fail.
  • Customers should no longer notice a time difference when comparing the front panel to the menu time. Additionally, this shoud no longer impact starting and stopping of recordings.
  • Customers should now experience significantly less video glitches (pixelation or macro blocking) than previously. In the past, a power cycle of the Gateway was required to resolve this.
  • When a VOD title is purchased after resolving the conflict note while all 6 tuners are active, the title should now correctly play. Previously this would result in a black screen.
  • Customers should no longer experience the transport bar showing the wrong start and end times of a program.
  • Customers who attempt to navgive through live TV using the channel up/down buttons within 3 seconds of tuning into a channel should no longer experience video stutter or freezing.
  • Customers should no longer experience video display unexpectedly changing to playback of live TV during the playback of VOD titles.
  • Customers should no longer experience a black or frozen screen when ordering a VOD title. Previously customers may have also seen the progress bar diplay but not move when controls were attempted.
  • Customers should no longer see weird lines when watching playback of HD channels.
  • A Portal should no longer become unresponsive to remote commands and have no audio or video displayed after being left idle for a few hours.
  • Customers should no longer experience video stutter or freezing when searching for titles using the keyword search functionality.
  • Customers should no longer experience video freezing when using the FFW and REW buttons to navigate through live TV or recordings.
  • An issue which caused customers to experience video freezing followed by error "5102 - An error occured..." has been resolved. As a result, customers should not experience this treatment as often.
  • An issue which caused customers to experience unexpected video freezing while watching live TV has been resolved. As a result, customers should not experience this threatment as often.
  • The "keep" or "delete" note will now correctly display at the end of a recording playback. Previously this note may not have displayed, though the program would be deleted anyway.
  • An issue which caused a recording to become unrecoverable if a power cycle of the Gateway was performed during the recording has been resolved. Customers will now see two recordings for the same program; one from before, and one from after the power cycle was performed.
  • An issue which caused VOD title playback to end with a generic error "We apologize...please try again..." has been resolved. Previously any attempt to resume playback of this title would result in a failure.
  • Customers should now correctly experience the FFW and REW buttons navigating through recordings. Previously there was an issue that would cause this to not work as expected.
  • An issue which would cause live TV to freeze and skip ahead has been resolved.
  • An issue which caused playback of live TV not to pause even through the buffer bar indicated that playback had paused has been fixed. Live TV should now correctly pause when the customer presses the pause button.
  • An issue which caused the REW button not to work during playback of live TV has been resolved. Previously it may have acted as if there was no buffer (yellow bar).
  • An issue which caused several one minute recordings to appear in the "My PVR Recordings" menu has been resolved. Previously these recorded items would appear even if they were not scheduled to record.
  • When customers use the pause, replay, skip, ffwd & rewind buttons on the remote, the control bar should now display the correct beginning and end times, as well as more accurately display location of the playhead marker.
  • When a customer moves from a previously recorded program to a currently recording program, the transport control (buffer) times should now more accurately display their start and end times.

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