Google’s new phones, Pixel (smaller) and Pixel XL (larger) are now on the market for pre-order.


Pixel smartphones are the first phones ever with Google Assistant built in. This is great as users can manage everyday tasks, find photos quickly, translate, search for answers to life’s questions and keep tabs on travel plans all in one place.

Pixel comes with the highest-ever rated smartphone camera, a best-ever 89 DxOMark Mobile score, and unlimited storage for photos and videos, which allows users to have a top-rated photo/video experience.

Consumers can also use Google Duo video call on Android & iOS, which is built with hardware and software designed and made by Google.

Among other features, users can enjoy Google apps, and a quick fingerprint sensor for security.

If you need a long battery life (who doesn't?) you're in luck as you get a 7-hour battery life, and a phone that can be charged in 15 minutes, with Pixel. It comes in black or silver, with the chance for consumers to customize their phone with Live Case and a matching live wallpaper or one designed with Google Earth and Google Trends.

The Pixel Case by Google is also available. It's built for protection and features a range of bright, bold colors.

The phone comes in 32GB or 128GB and is priced at $899 (32GB) and $1029 (128GB) for the 5-inch display, and $1049 (32GB) and $1179 (128GB) for the 5.5-inch off contract.

To pre-order, visit Google online .