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Hi gang,

Has anyone been able to figure out, how "smart" a "dumb" phone, or how "dumb" a smart phone you need to have to stay on the cheapy data rate for Fido pay as you go?

Reason I ask is because I notice that from my current Razr V3, I can get a data pass for $3 a week or $1 a day... which I think is friggin' awesome... I don't mind slow, the stuff I'd want to use it for the maybe once or twice a month that the ambition to have data hits me, would mostly be searches for textual info.

Buuuut, the V3 seems a bit long in the tooth as far as it's browser goes. So I was wondering what the "smartest" phone, I could get that would stay on that rate would be.

I notice for instance, that mostly blackberry and iPhone are in the smartphone category on their site, and I see no symbians,... so I've got the idea that a symbian phone would be the ticket.

Ideally I'm looking for something that's recently discontinued from a major carrier and hence available refurb and cheap, standalone GPS and WiFi capability would be preferred... something that doesn't have G3 or G4 support on Fido I guess, but can still get data slllowwww..

So any comments or ideas?


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