Fido has launched some new tools and services to help users have a better experience with their phones.

DeviceAdvice, Facebook Messenger and Fido Faves have all been put in place to help Fido customers potentially save some money and trouble shoot problems with their account and physical phone.

What can they do? DeviceAdvice is a tool that can diagnose issues on a customer’s device and provide personalized advice to potentially fix a problem. If it works, this could be a very beneficial tool to have.

Available from the Fido My Account app, the new tool has a range of personalized information, recommendations and alerts to help answer customer’s questions, including queries such as:

“How do I see what’s taking up storage on my phone?”

“How do I backup my photos?”

“Why does my phone keep freezing?”

“How can I check to see if I’m eligible for an upgrade?”

In the same vein, Fido is offering customers another lifeline for customer service via Facebook.

Fido customers can now interact with a company service rep via Facebook Messenger on a mobile or desktop. Fido staff will be on-hand to answer queries between 8 a.m. and midnight daily.

And in a move that makes shopping easier, the company has launched Fido Faves. The  ZTE Axon and the Huawei Y6 are the two phones currently available in this category, which offers phones for $50 or less up front on term contracts, with a 2 year warranty.