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FibreOP Router and IP addresses

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Hi there,

I can't seem to find out how to set a static IP for my computers with the ActionTec router installed as part of the FibreOp package.

Does anyone with this router know how to do this?

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On a related note, is it possible to bypass the FibreOp router and continue to use my Dlink router (without completing eliminating the FibreOp as per file's post) for my home network. The interface for the FibreOp router is painful and I think I prefer the old DLink interface for someone with my low level of knowledge.
Thanks file. First time I tried this it did not work but after a second complete run through it is working now.
We have a recurring issue of our Actiontec dropping its internet connection. Does not seem to impact the TV service other than when I unplug the router to reset it. Seems to happen somewhere around every 10 days or so. I will start tracking to see if it is actually occurring on a consistent basis or is more random but wondered if anyone else is having a similar issue. Other than setting my second router in the DMZ I don't think I have changed any settings.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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