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FibreOP doesn't cap their respected tiers of internet packages.

However that stated if you look at their Terms of Service/or Acceptable Use Policy it kinda does state there's a threshold of 250 GB for the average household.

That being said I've done at least 2-3 times that threshold almost every month and I've yet to get a phone call from Bell Aliant to tone down my activity.

(below is from Bell Aliants FibreOP Internet Acceptable Use page):

As a guideline, in our experience typical residential bandwidth usage tends to be well within the range of 250GB per month. Examples of Internet activities that can contribute to heavy bandwidth usage include downloading movies and streaming videos. For example, 250GB would be equivalent to approximately downloading 50,000 songs, or 570 1 hour TV shows, or 285 standard definition movies or 25 high definition movies.
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