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Hey all,

Quick question... I'm pretty sure there has been no formal announcement of this, but what are the chances of FibreOP coming to the southern rural towns of St. Andrews / St. Stephen / St. George?

I just recently had FibreOP installed in my Moncton house, and weeks before I had it available I started seeing tons of trucks everywhere putting up the Fibre all around my neighborhood.

I visited my parents in St. Andrews not too long ago, and once I turned off the highway I saw what I think was loose wire/fibre hanging from the poles and a truck stationed not too far away (that looked identical to the ones I saw around my house). In addition, the next day I saw these same trucks around the town as we were leaving to come back to Moncton.

I was just curious, because my dad's been living off High Speed Ultra for quite some time (it's not quite "up to snuff" for his needs... ha!) and there is basically no competition in St. Andrews for other services like Television (It's either Bell Expressvu or nothing. Rogers only has analog TV and it's craaap). Bringing FibreOP to his community would definitely give it a shot-in-the-arm that it needs for both Internet speeds and the ability for more choice on the TV front.
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