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Fibre OP coming to NL this summer

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Bell Aliant's world-class fibre-to-the-home network coming to St. John's
Investing $22 million in FibreOP(TM) TV and Internet services

ST. JOHN'S, April 7 /CNW/ - Bell Aliant today announced an investment of $22 million to bring its world-class fibre-to-the-home network, known as FibreOP(TM), to 60,000 homes and businesses in the St. John's and surrounding area.


The awarding of recent contracts from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador along with the economics of the region, create a strong business case to bring the FibreOP network to St. John's, one of Bell Aliant's largest and most important markets.

Building on the success of Bell Aliant TV in St. John's, more customers will now have access to FibreOP TV, a 100 per cent digital TV service including High Definition television available on all TVs, and watch and record PVR. Customers can enjoy unmatched digital picture and sound quality on over 200 video channels, including 70 HD channels and 98 music channels.

Customers can pre-register for FibreOP service by visiting the Bell Aliant site
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Just a quick update, Aliant FibreOP is indeed being installed in Mount Pearl, the install teams are on Ruth Ave in the area of Power's Pond, those in that area of the city may already be able to hook up...I am not sure of that but at least I can see there is some work getting done.
Still, I can't find any feedback anywhere from anyone in NL who has the service. Surely someone in CBS has it by now. /rage

Web site tells me I can get it some time within the next 3 months. Been sayin that for a while now. I'm in STJ, but attached to a MT PEARL dslam/wick/headend/node/whatever they call it in their provisioning system.

The wait is agonizing. I've got 2 HDTVs but can only get HD on one of them, cause BellAliant doesn't have the VDSL bandwidth in my area to give me two HD feeds. And my internet is 6Mbit, again cause they don't have the bandwidth to increase me. Fiber will change all that, but man the wait is killing me.
I was talking to a CSR on the phone today, Media Room 2.0 is susposed to be pushed out t all customers in the St. John's on Aug 24, wether they are on FibreOP or not.

Call in and check on Fridays. There's something special about Fridays.
They are really pushing the FibreOp promotion here now so I hope it's coming sooner rather than later.. to St. John's that is..

I was surprised to hear that they were starting in the CBS area.. I'm in West end St. John's and I'll be signing up as soon as they notify me it's available!

Already a subscriber to BellAliant TV, Internet & Phone.. they are my favorite company. Instead of throttling & capping users, they are investing in faster networks, providing great service, and at an AMAZING price! I got the FibreOp card in my mailbox and was stunned when I checked online to see the features you get for the price..

Keep the updates coming if anyone has info ...
I called in yesterday to see if there was any news and there was! The CSR told me October 6, for my area.

I'm in Kilbride, (St. John's) but my area is fed out of Mount Pearl headend (I think they call them DSLAMs or something).

For example when I type my street name into their system, it comes up LONG BEACH, MT PEARL. All the streets in my area of Kilbride come up the same way (STREET NAME, Mt Pearl).

Anyways alian'ts web page tells me my area will be fiber ready "within 3 months" but the CSR yesterday told me October 6 is the actual target date.
Could be a bit quicker than that, could take longer he said. In my experience, it's always longer tho ><

And when I asked if I could set up an install for October 6 he said they could not lol
Wow, thanks for the great info!

At least you have a better idea of timeline than I do. When checking online I now get "FibreOp isn't available, but BellAliant TV is!" .. no mention of the "within 3 months" that some other users seem to be getting.

My area used to be one of the first to get upgrades, not sure what changed this time, could be any number of reasons..

In any event, it seems my area won't be before October 6.... I was hoping for say, a couple of weeks! :p
I can confirm that FibreOP installation is progressing in Mt. Pearl. The install of the Fibreop lines is now on Park Ave (just east of Churchill). I am east of that so hopefully they get to my area by next week...not sure how long after the lines go up before we can hook up to it! I will call today to see if there is anything new on an install date.
The Aliant guys were literally in my back yard today installing the lines. They said it would like be about another month before Mount Pearl would be ready to go for FibreOp installs.
Cool,I have noticed they are working on the line just up the road from me, they are on the line behind my house just not down to me yet. I am looking forward to the install...hopefully sooner rather than later.
Once the boys are finished laying the fibre, the next step is you'll see this truck in your neighbourhood.

Then you'll see one of these boxes:

Once that's done, check your telephone number online for FibreOp availability and you'll see this: said:
FibreOP Internet 30/30 is currently available for (709) 555-1212
and once you see the above, you can let out a small "geek" screen of excitement.

See less See more

What was the approximate time frame of these events?
I seen a similar truck and now see that thing (case like thing) on a pole on the corner of Park Ave and Commonwealth (across from Esso) and farther down Park Ave as well. I have seen that box on a pole just around the corner from me but I know that the Fibre is not yet on the pole in my backyard. Thanks to all of the great pics here on what to look for on the lines I can see that Fibre is about half way down Park Ave at this time. I should set up a webcam so I can watch my neighbourhood from work hahahhahahahaa.

Geek scream forthcoming! :)
From the time I saw them laying the fibre to when I could order was 3.5 months.
This week I saw a company stringing cable along Topsail Road near the Nissan dealership. Also saw some new cable hanging across Wyatt Blvd. Not sure if it's for FibreOp or not.

Judging by the message I get when checking availability "FibreOp isn't available but Aliant TV is" they probably are in no rush for my area. I can already have the fastest internet available from them right now plus the whole home PVR, etc.. some areas are maybe not able to get any of that yet.
Well, another update.. Just checked the website again (as I have been doing frequently!) and my area now is getting the "within 3 months" message!!
Saw a FibreOp box on a pole on Wyatt Blvd today and also there was a 'Litewave Fibre Splicing' van working farther down the road..

Interesting place for them to be rolling out in at this stage.. Oh well! At least they're making progress!
I seen that Litewave truck on Park (corner of park and commonwealth) over 2 weeks ago, and noticed it on Ruth (up by the high schools) last week. Fibre is still not on the line by my house but the message on Aliant's page is now saying that I can get Fibre within the next 3 months, that is an update from last week. (yeah I check almost daily) :)
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