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Fibre OP coming to NL this summer

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Bell Aliant's world-class fibre-to-the-home network coming to St. John's
Investing $22 million in FibreOP(TM) TV and Internet services

ST. JOHN'S, April 7 /CNW/ - Bell Aliant today announced an investment of $22 million to bring its world-class fibre-to-the-home network, known as FibreOP(TM), to 60,000 homes and businesses in the St. John's and surrounding area.


The awarding of recent contracts from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador along with the economics of the region, create a strong business case to bring the FibreOP network to St. John's, one of Bell Aliant's largest and most important markets.

Building on the success of Bell Aliant TV in St. John's, more customers will now have access to FibreOP TV, a 100 per cent digital TV service including High Definition television available on all TVs, and watch and record PVR. Customers can enjoy unmatched digital picture and sound quality on over 200 video channels, including 70 HD channels and 98 music channels.

Customers can pre-register for FibreOP service by visiting the Bell Aliant site
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I was talking to a Bell Aliant tech today in St. John's, he said it will be set up in the Conception Bay South area first by the fall (there is no Bell Aliant TV available there at present), but it won't be available in the Airport Heights area of St. John's until next year, so don't hold your breath.
That's was I posted above in post 4. A tech I asked about it told me it would be set up in CBS first (area's with no Bell Aliant TV at present) before in is set up in St. John's.
I asked a sales rep about this and he said yes, as it means you will be paying more money per month to Bell Aliant, and your previous one year bundle discount will end and you will be on the fibreOp special for only 3 months.

More money in Bell Aliant's pocket.
A installer I spoke with today said 6 months. They have it set up in a office in Paradise and he said the HD is significantly improved.

Regardless all Bell Aliant TV users will be getting Mediaroom 2.0 this fall wether they are on fibreOp or copper.

I didn't realize that they would need to run cat 5/6 cables to all receivers either, big draw back having a bunch cable strung along the outside of your house.
The installer told me that copper could not hold the bandwidth, and all fibreOp installs would require cat5/6 cable.

Do you have fibreOp running over copper (cat3) in your house at present?
I hope you are right.
cat 5/6 is made of copper. I don't know what cat 3 is, but if it's coax, that's what I'm using here, and it works fine.
Copper is referring to RG59 or RG6. Anyway that is good news, but the installer said cat5/6 would be needed for the receivers to work.

They will be getting all Black Motorola boxes like like Bell Fibre in Ontario as well soon.
I was talking to a CSR on the phone today, Media Room 2.0 is susposed to be pushed out t all customers in the St. John's on Aug 24, wether they are on FibreOP or not.
I don't know why Bell Aliant is advertising the hell out of Fibre OP (newspaper ads, TV commercials, bill boards etc.) being available in the greater St. John's area when it's not. Be lucky to get it by next summer.
@ doylebl
I live in Airport Heights and from all the conversations I had will Bell Aliant Tech's it won't be until late winter or early spring.
I know it sucks but from a business standpoint it only makes sense. Current customers are unlikely to leave with fibreOp coming. And it better to grab potential new customers before Rogers does.

A Bell Aliant service tech was at my house today trying to trouble shoot some bandwidth issues, and he said they were told it will be 6 plus months before it reaches Airport Heights and he has his doubts about that.

I tell you now it won't be until 2013.

There is no Fibre on Airports Road.
I had a drop in my High Speed from 11~12 to 4~5 last week as well with no explanation and no pending install. I was told that my connection was maxed out at 18~19 ( although I had 22~ 23 before ) because I was 1.2 km from the relay box. I have a PVR and 3 regular receivers plus high speed ultra, and it had worked fine for the past 6 months.

I had Techs out 4 times in the past 2 weeks trouble shooting problems with my modem losing connection, anyway the Tech today (Bell Alliant) employee said he was told yesterday that it should be up and running in Airport Heights by April/May.

PS Do you have High Speed and BellAlliant TV currently, have you had any issues?
It's still saying not available when I check online. Does it say it is available for you?

What street are you on?
I am also on Otter Drive! Says it is not available for me. Are you a odd or even number.
I'm a even number.:mad: How crappy, can't be far off tho.

Yeah it is available for customers on the odd side of the street, but not until April 5th for the even side according to Aliant when I called in. I saw a truck running line up the pole between Mac Beth and Otter today, so I guess the next run will be put up between Otter and Cherokee Drive.
Yes they are fed from poles in the backyard.
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