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Fibe, Questions..

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Im thinking of ditching bell tv after 5 years. Love the service, prices are good but sick of satellite tv losing signal in bad storms. The new Fibe tv service is available in my area.I currently have the fibe25 internet. Ive read that its a max of 4 set top box's. My question is i have 5 tvs. I want to change to fibe tv and i obviously want to watch my 5 tv's so i need 5 set tops. The most set top box's that will ever be on at once is 4 ( 3 sd and 1 hd). Now is it possible to get a 5 box install in this case? the 5 tvs will NEVER all be used at once. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me.. I need the 5 tvs or ill have to either settle for bell tv or make the swap back to robbers. I'd call be all ask but i already know ill call 5 times n get 5 different answers so i always come here first :cool:

Thanks in advanced folks.
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Bell installs provide full inside cabling as needed.
If they can reuse existing, they do, if not they will run new. Keep in mind, they don't snake through the walls.
In my experience, they do snake through cold air return ducts if they are accessible from the basement, but of course that doesn't apply in the OP's case.
What I will need to do, is to speak to a friend who knows someone at Bell, to come over and take a look to see what could be done. And then make a decision.
Or I will have to go with Bell Satelitte. if that still exists. lol.
Some assumptions:

1. You have Videotron telephone and TV service.
2. The Videotron modem is in the garage. It provides telephone connections to all rooms via telephone lines and TV connections to 3 rooms via coax.
3. You have used the Bell site to confirm that FIBE is available as FTTN.
4. You do not have any Bell lines coming into your house

Installation of telephone lines:
1. Bell incoming telephone line will terminate in the garage where the Videotron cable is located
2. The Bell modem/router should be located in a location that will provide wifi coverage to the whole house. This might be the garage of office.
3. The Bell Tech will install a filter on the telephone line with one leg going to the router and the other to all the telephone outlets. This can be done in the office by using one pair as incoming from the street service and another back to all outlets. The wiring configuration will be made in the office and at the terminal in the garage.

PVR/TV connection
1. The PVR will be located near the main TV
1. Coax will be used to connect the modem to the PVR in the office
2. In the garage, the coax from the office will be connected directly to the coax to the main TV, removing any splitters.

Job done!
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Sounds good.

Hopefully it's that easy.

Actually, I have Videotron, Telephone, Internet and TV service. The wire comes in the garage. From there, the TV signal goes to 4 TVs in four different rooms. I would probably have only 3 hooked up if I go with Fibe since there is one I never use. The Modem for the internet and the phone line is in the office. It must be connected through the phone line, from what I can see.
How would Fibe change my Rogers wiring?

I currently use Rogers coax for TV & internet, and standard 4-wire for my home phone (Teksavvy).

How would things change if I moved everything to Fibe? Specifically:
  • Demarc: 4-wire from underground?
  • Modem: Can this go in basement like Rogers?
  • PVR: Can this run off coax from basement?
  • Extra TVs: Are they all wireless?
  • Phone: Adapter in basement to 4-wire through house?
Demarc: same if there is existing Bell service from the street.
Modem: yes, but some have reported range issues for large homes
PVE: yes
Extra TV: yes all wireless
Phone: Modem & Filter in the basement. Existing wire not touched but 2 lines active through the house for phone service
Modem: yes, but some have reported range issues for large homes
Is that because they use 5GHz (which does not go through walls as well) rather than 2.4GHz?
Higher frequencies always have less range. The good thing is, there's little traffic up there.
My discount contract with Rogers is up, and I need to look at Bell Fibe, Better Bundle. $173/month, 25 mbps down. I have 2 questions. Is download speed fixed at 25 mbps even if I am not watching tv or using the phone? I do not watch much tv, mostly news channels. If I take the Good Bundle for $117/month, will I be able to upgrade the internet speed to 25 mbps? Also, how many wireless tv's (receiver box) are included?
Note that the Good Bundle only includes CBC News, CTVNews, and CP24 as news channels (SunNews was there, too, until it folded.) RT, CNN, BNN, MSNBC, BBCWS are not in the Good Bundle.
e268 PM if you care to, might be able to work some magic.

I tried to PM you, but it's blocked.
@tvlurker: Thanks. Would I be able to just add those missing news channels such as CNN, BNN?
@nitra: soory, I did not realize my PM is blocked. I have now unblocked it.
No you can't. To have those channels you would have to chose the Select package.
Is download speed fixed at 25 mbps even if I am not watching tv or using the phone?
Yes, you should get 25 mbps regardless if your TV is on or off or the number of channels watching/recording. However, your home must be close enough to the neighbourhood Fibe node to get the 25 plan.

I'm on the 15/10 plan and my actual numbers are consistently 17.5/7.5
Thanks for all the help to understand Bell Fibe. I was offered by my Robber a deal that I cannot refuse, so another 2 years. They made the deal as soon as I mentioned leaving.
just got fibe tv with pvr how can i install my dvd/video recorder to tv to record on my dvd not bell pvr
m carton, Fibe TV is all-digital, so your DVD can only record the output of your Fibe set-top-box. Here's a FAQ on the subject:

FAQ - How to Connect a VCR, or DVD Recorder and STB
This goes back to post 770 (sorry) but I was at the Bell store today and they gave me conflicting information about how many HD channels we could watch/record at once. We have 3 TVs (soon to be 4) and the rep said with one PVR and three receivers we could watch 4 shows and record 4 others. That's not likely, I know, but I would like a definitive answer on how many HD shows we can watch and record at the same time. No interest in SD. Thanks.
As far as I know you can only record 4 shows only and watch watch the 4 same shows. You can't record 4 shows and watch 4 different shows at the same time as fare as I know.
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