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Im thinking of ditching bell tv after 5 years. Love the service, prices are good but sick of satellite tv losing signal in bad storms. The new Fibe tv service is available in my area.I currently have the fibe25 internet. Ive read that its a max of 4 set top box's. My question is i have 5 tvs. I want to change to fibe tv and i obviously want to watch my 5 tv's so i need 5 set tops. The most set top box's that will ever be on at once is 4 ( 3 sd and 1 hd). Now is it possible to get a 5 box install in this case? the 5 tvs will NEVER all be used at once. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me.. I need the 5 tvs or ill have to either settle for bell tv or make the swap back to robbers. I'd call be all ask but i already know ill call 5 times n get 5 different answers so i always come here first :cool:

Thanks in advanced folks.
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The app for the TWN if you set it for Ottawa it'll stay on Ottawa. The channel itsaelf for what ever reason(and I've e-mailed TWN & bell twice about this, got one e-mail back saying their looking into it). That was several months ago.there are a few channels missing SD BPM:TV, TSC and a few more. The radio station section has mainly Montreal Stations & few Torontyo stations yet NOT ONE OTTAWA STATYION!! :mad:
Yes, the app is good, although it sometimes takes a bit of time to load. It was easy to set the default location, so that wasn't a problem. Just a bit of difficulty with the Wife Acceptance Factor in seeing the regular Weather Channel showing Toronto as the default. Thanks for sending emails to Bell to ask about that ... I think we all need to do that to let them know what we like and don't like.
Thinking about moving from Cogeco to fibe and I have a couple of Q's after reading some info and need clarification.

I know the max record is now 3HD, 1SD at a time. However I am confused.

1) Say I am recording 3HDs & 1SD, can I watch something previously recorded to the PVR while that is happening? (In this example I only have the PVR & no other STB's)

2) If you get Fibe TV & Internet do they supply a wireless router as well as a modem (an all in one)? I ask because I already have a router.

Tat2, just gave it a try and the answer to the first is yes. Haven't tried it long enough to see if it does it without the odd jitter but I definitely have 3 HD and 1 SD recording and I'm able to watch a HD recorded movie.

The answer to the second question is also yes. The Bell supplied modem is capable of wireless (not very good range from what I've been reading) but I've disabled wireless on the Bell modem in my setup and use my own router for wireless.
I was at a client today who has a very old TV that only has an RF-coax input. I tried connecting the Fibe PVR using the RF-coax (TV) output, but could not get it to work. I seem to remember that BTV (sat) uses a higher channel like 62 or something. Does anyone know the output channel on Fibe?

I called Bell Fibe and they said channel 3 or 4, but those did not seem to work and I tried tuning some of the higher channels but didn't stumble across a signal. I ended up using the RF-modulator that the client already had, but I was trying for a cleaner install using RF-coax directly. I don't think the CSR had any clue of what I was trying to do and he would not let me talk to second level directly.
Mediaroom uses channel 3 or 4. There are 2 coax connectors on a Fibe STB - one for TV-out and one for HPNA coax networking. It's possible you had the coax connected to the coax network jack if the STB was connected to the network with Cat5.

My Fibe TV is showing a snowy, blue or black screen

Several factors may affect your ability to watch Fibe TV. We recommend that you check the following before you begin troubleshooting:
  • Verify that your Fibe TV receiver is properly connected to your TV.
  • Make sure your TV is on channel 3 or 4
  • Ensure your TV is set to the correct input
The RF-coax connectors were on the right side when viewed from the back and there were two of them - one above the other if I recall correctly. I think I had the Cable connected to the top one, which I thought was labelled "TV". The input to the box was coax, not Cat5. I believe this was the PVR, not a STB, but I could be wrong since I'm not very familiar with Fibe

It's certainly possible I had the wrong output, but at least I solved it using composite/analogue audio and an RF modulator, which he had in his setup already - that's the way Bell had connected it (don't know why), but we were trying to also hook up a VCR/DVD recorder...

I managed to do that, but there were several workarounds that I had to utilize to make everything work with his very old equipment. (I connected composite/analogue audio to the VCR/DVD and then from the VCR/DVD to the modulator, then to the TV). It means he has to have the VCR/DVD on to watch Fibe, but he was fine with that since Bell could not get that to work and the VCR/DVD was useless to him until I got it working. He also wanted to record fibe, which my setup gave him, so he's happy.

The other weird thing was that the RF-coax output on the back of the VCR/DVD was only a "passthrough" and didn't send any signals to the TV when playing a DVD for example. The operating manual stated that and I tried it too, but it didn't work for watching a DVD, hence the need for the modulator in the loop.

Final resolution Fibe PVR -> VCR/DVD -> RF-Modulator -> TV
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If the input was coax, then my theory about the wrong coax jack doesn't work. For future reference, I think there is something under SETTINGS that allows you to select the RF channel output.

It sounds like you needed the RF-Modulator to take care of the DVD playback anyway, so you probably ended up with the best solution. Composite from the Fibe box to the VCR will give them a slightly better signal for recording than coax. (But you don't need me to tell you that. ;) )
I'm wondering what bell Fibe's on demand content is like. Do they offer on demand content for all of the channels that generally have on demand content i.e. HGTV, Food Network, ABC Spark?
For future reference, I think there is something under SETTINGS that allows you to select the RF channel output.
Thanks for the help. If I hadn't got it to work the way I did, I might have dug deeper into the STB settings, but client is happy and the final solution was better than using RF-coax out anyway. What confused me when I arrived was that the tech had set up the STB using composite to RF-modulator to TV when he should have just connected the RF-out to the TV's RF-in. Perhaps because that's the way the client had connected the VCR/DVD when he was on Rogers... But the Bell Tech could not get the all the equipment working the way the client wanted, but I did. :)
Does anyone know if Bell will install fibe TV if I provide PVR that I had purchased on kijiji,or do I have to buy the PVR from them no matter what. I have to buy PVR because I do not want their phone line so they would not give me the free PVR offer.
I would hope they handle it the same way they do with the Sat side of the business. Meaning they will most likely install it for you but there might be a charge for the line.
bev fan, call Bell with the serial number before you buy it to verify that it's not a rental unit or stolen. They should also tell you if the owner has to notify them that the box has been sold, so Bell can activate it on your account.
Is Bell Fibe 15/10 fast enough?

Hello all,

I am currently with Rogers for home internet have decided to move over to Bell Fibe. The package I have chosen is 15/10 mbps and I’m worried is that this may not be fast enough to accommodate our regular household usage. Unfortunately, the 15/10 package is the highest Bell has available in our area at the moment… actually, 25/10 is the highest, but not if we also have Fibe HDTV.

Our family regularly streams movies and TV shows via Netflix/Apple TV. We also have iPhone’s and iPads and regularly send photos to friends and family.

I’d love to hear from existing 15/10 users out there who also stream a lot of video. Right now I have Rogers Hi-Speed Extreme (35 mbps), which has worked just fine for me. The reason I am switching is price and my hatred of Rogers' Nextbox.

^if u have other bell services u can get the 10$ add on that gives unlimited internet downloads;
I think he's asking if the 15mbps is enough. If someone streams alot, has different wireless devices such as phones and tablets. On top of that if someone is watching a HD channel but also recording a HD program. 15/10 may not be enough.

All depends on what one is using and if it is all at the same time but there is quite a difference from 35mbps to 15mbps.
If multiple users are streaming at the same time that could easily saturate a 15/10 connection and bring it to a crawl. You'll enjoy sending photos though due to the faster upstream.
I have Bell Fibe TV & internet with 15/10 and haven't had any problem. I stream Netflix, MLB and podcasts to 2 Apple TVs at the same time. I have 2 IPads and IPhone that are frequently connected at the same time. The new Bell APp for Bell TV works well over WIFI. Have set up an additional WIFI source other than the one supplied by Bell which is located in the basement. I also use an Xbox while my wife is using WIFI and watching TV.
For those on 15/10 - Call Bell and ask to be upgraded to 25/10 for the same price !! There is a special on right now where you can get 25/10 for $39.95 and that's their ongoing price.
Regular price is $61.95, but are offering an $18, ongoing discount, so its $49.95 then a $4 bundle discount if you have another Bell service (cell, home phone or TV).
I did this 4 months ago and my speed was changed within 20 minutes and my bill did not go up and has remained the same ever since.
A couple of things to note, not everyone has 25/10 available in their area, but if you do, you need to upgrade. Faster speed, no additional cost.
The $18 discount is ongoing, as in forever.
I started out with 15/10 as well and didn't notice a drop in any online service with the FIBE TV. I have two teenage daughter who stream all the time and I play online poker. When we are all online and the TV is on, we didn't notice a drop in speed at all.
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