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Fibe, Questions..

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Im thinking of ditching bell tv after 5 years. Love the service, prices are good but sick of satellite tv losing signal in bad storms. The new Fibe tv service is available in my area.I currently have the fibe25 internet. Ive read that its a max of 4 set top box's. My question is i have 5 tvs. I want to change to fibe tv and i obviously want to watch my 5 tv's so i need 5 set tops. The most set top box's that will ever be on at once is 4 ( 3 sd and 1 hd). Now is it possible to get a 5 box install in this case? the 5 tvs will NEVER all be used at once. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me.. I need the 5 tvs or ill have to either settle for bell tv or make the swap back to robbers. I'd call be all ask but i already know ill call 5 times n get 5 different answers so i always come here first :cool:

Thanks in advanced folks.
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@begs, any of the STBs would be able to access the recordings on the PVR. There are a few possibilities in addition to what 57 said:

1. Perhaps Bell will allow 8 STBs, although I would guess that only 6 can be active at any time.

2. Motorola (the STB manufacturer) makes an RF remote which AT&T and MTS sell for an additional cost. Perhaps Bell also has it available. See this thread.
Considering about Fibe TV

I have Bell Satellite TV since 2010, and my contract expires this year. Switching to Bell Fibe TV would be a good idea for me, but I have ask anyone to these following questions:

  1. My parents are concerned about the Internet speeds when switching to Fibe TV. They knew that according to a Bell representative, the Internet speed would be lowered. I have Fibe 25 (with a download speed of 25 mb/s) and three HDTVs, along with four laptops (one is mine and the other three is for my siblings), so when watching or recording one HDTV channel with a Fibe TV receiver, will my bandwidth be downgraded from 25 mb/s to 18 mb/s? What about with three HDTV channels being watched on three different Fibe TV receivers? With all four computers and one Fibe TV receiver being used at the same time, will the my Internet speed be greatly reduced from 25 mb/s to 5 mb/s?
  2. Is the image quality on Fibe TV better than cable and satellite? If so, is it true that on Fibe TV, some channels are in 1080i? I do know that on Bell Satellite TV, all channels are in 720p.
  3. On Fibe TV, does the on-demand programming carried in HD, especially CTV On-Demand, YTV On-Demand, Family On-Demand, The Movie Network On-Demand and Galaxie On-Demand?
  4. Can you buy pay-per-view programs directly on the Fibe TV receiver without connecting a wired telephone cable or phoning Bell?
  5. Is it possible to watch Fibe TV on a computer wirelessly without a TV tuner card, via Windows Media Center?
  6. Does Fibe TV have a Remote PVR now?
  7. Does a Fibe TV receiver have Wi-Fi?
Thanks in advance.
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I have been considering Fibre TV as well and currently have Bell Sat. The more I look at Fibre TV the less I think it will work for me. I have Fibre 25 as well. We never seem to lose satellite reception for long and this seldom happens. At this point I think I would only move to Fibre TV if they removed data caps for the internet. I am using the internet for almost everything now. If I can convince my wife, I might cancel Bell satellite and not have any TV other than off air.
2415 - I would recommend that you read the sticky thread "My Observations and Experience on FibeTV". I think you'll find the answers to most, if not all, of your questions. There are some really informative posts in that thread.
Response to questions by 2415.

I am also investigating FibeTV and the answers below are from my research rather than first hand experience.

1. With Fibe to the Neighbourhood you can only get Internet 5/1 or 15/10. With Fibe to home (not avilable to everyone) faster Internet is available. Try the Bell online inquiry to see what is available at your location. When watching (or recording) two HD channels your internet speed will likely drop to 5Mbps. With multiple receiver/TVs that you can watch up to 3 live HD streams at the same time before running out of bandwidth.

2. Some say FibeTV is better, some say it is slightly different. I think it is a mix of 720P and 1080i based on the source material.

3. Looks like all are available.

4. Yes

5. No

6. Not sure what the question is asking about

7. No. But the modem/router has wifi. The PVR/receiver can be connected to the modem/router by either by Cat5 or coax cable.
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1. The raw speed of a FTTN line is about 27 Mbps. Each HD stream uses 6.5 Mbps, SD streams use 2.5, whether you're watching live or recording. Watching a previously recorded program doesn't use any bandwidth. 1 HD stream using 6.5 Mbps = approx 20 Mbps available for internet, 2 HD streams would leave about 14 Mbps for internet.
Fibe modem. Is it also used for internet?

Hi folks,

I am considering switching to Fibe TV and upgrading my internet to Fibe 15/10. I already have Fibe 12 internet. To switch to Fibe 15/10, they say I need a new modem (at a cost of $99.95). So my question is, if I get Fibe TV, will the modem supplied with that be used for the internet also? Meaning I get Fibe TV first and then upgrade the internet after and won't need a new modem? Or do I still need a second modem on top of the one for the Fibe TV?

I was on live chat with Bell and they say I need 2 modems, but reading other threads here with how people have their houses wired, indicates the phone line goes to a single router/modem and then splits from there to the TV's via either Coax or Cat5 and to their computer via Cat% or wireless.

I just want some clarification before I spend money on a modem I won't need.

Thanks for your time.
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You do need a new modem. And it will be used for both TV and internet.
No other modem is needed.
Thanks for the quick reply.

So I knew I would need a new modem for the TV. BUT, will this new modem come with the Fibe TV package? If I upgrade my Internet first, I will have to pay a one time modem rental fee of $99.95. This gets me a Cellpipe modem. If I upgrade my TV first, will it come with the required modem (Sagecom I beleive) included so I don't have to pay for the Cellpipe modem? Or do I have to pay for one of them anyway?

I am just trying to avoid having to pay for the modem if I don't have to. I am having a hard time to find out what is included if I sign up for Fibe TV. The CSR I spoke to on the phone was useless and so was the chat room csr.
I went from Bell Satellite, Fibe 12 to Fibe tv, Fibe 15/10 but I didn't pay the modem fee as I had already paid the one time fee as part of Fibe 12.

Do people ever pay Fibe install fees? I didn't ask but they waived it anyway.
Thanks for the info. So I will get Fibe TV first, get the newer modem, then upgrade the internet after the Fibe TV is up & running. What modem did you get? I have read where either a Sagecom or Cellpipe is used. Will I have a choice? Which one is better?

The current fee is $49.95 for the installation of Fibe TV. But, as a new customer, the monthly price is discounted by $10 and change for the first 6 months. So its almost a wash. I will certainly ask them to waive it though.
I did my switch all at once. The installers showed up with a Sagecom. Can't say which is better though.
Best deal is a bundle (home phone, internet, TV) as you can also get a PVR free if service kept for 3 years. The FibeTV + Internet installation fee of $249.99 is discounter by $200 and it is unlikely that the remaining $49.95 charge will be waived. Not sure what the deal will be when you already have internet installed. There is special pricing for the first 6 months, and some other discounts.

Beware that internet speed will be lower than 15 Mbps if there are 2 or 3 concurrent HDTV channels in use as each feed requires up 6.5 Mbps of the pipe. Upload should not be affected. But confirm this with the rep at the time of the order.
I did my switch all at once. The installers showed up with a Sagecom. Can't say which is better though.
Sagemcom is better, by far.
Not only does it look way nicer with its blue LEDs on a black case, but it's also a newer, more modern unit. One of the most unique features on it is a front-panel button that lets you turn on/off the wireless component of the router. I personally love that feature. Then on top of that, it has a gigabit switch, 802.11n, and two USB ports which make it very easy to hook up a USB stick or external hard drive to share files on your network or stream video throughout the house.

I got the CellPipe when I first signed up, and then soon after that I received the new Sagemcom in the mail. The CellPipe is limited to 4 Mbps on the upstream, so if you want the 7 meg upstream upgrade, you need the Sagemcom.
Is the Sagecom modem the one being installed now or does it depend on the service aquired. Cellpipe for one type of internet speed and Sagecom for another.
Well, I was all ready to pull the trigger. Called up Bell to order Fibe TV. Then the CSR gives me the total cost per month.....$121.12. That's $50/month for the internet and $71/month for the ' better' Fibe TV package. I ask where is the $10/month savings advertised on She says, 'Sorry, those prices are only for new customers'

I wasn't happy. As a loyal Bell customer with Exress Vu for the last 8 yaers and I have to pay FULL PRICE to switch. I don't even get a break on the install. Regular price is $250. New subscribers get it for $50, I have to pay $100. So an extra $50 for the installation AND I don't get the $10/month off for the first 6 months. A total of $110 + tax I have to pay extra over a new subscriber.

I will cancel my Expressview, get by with FTA for a month or so, then maybe I'll qualify as a new customer???

Any tips on how you guys got better deals?
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Is the Sagecom modem the one being installed now or does it depend on the service aquired. Cellpipe for one type of internet speed and Sagecom for another.
I don't know if they're still installing any CellPipes. I would imagine that all new installs will be done with Sagemcom.
I will cancel my Expressview, get by with FTA for a month or so, then maybe I'll qualify as a new customer???

Any tips on how you guys got better deals?
You have two basic options..

1) tell them if they don't waive the install fee (or at least cut it in half), you will cancel all your Bell services because you talked to Rogers and they would love to have you as a customer

2) tell them you will do the installation yourself. The only thing you need is the equipment and for the technician to configure the DSL terminal which would take him about 10 minutes.
Wow that sucks Wingnut.

I didn't ask and only noticed on my then next bill Bell was giving me 11 buck tv credit and a 23 buck internet credit.

Guess the rep was just in a giving mood then.
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