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Fibe, Questions..

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Im thinking of ditching bell tv after 5 years. Love the service, prices are good but sick of satellite tv losing signal in bad storms. The new Fibe tv service is available in my area.I currently have the fibe25 internet. Ive read that its a max of 4 set top box's. My question is i have 5 tvs. I want to change to fibe tv and i obviously want to watch my 5 tv's so i need 5 set tops. The most set top box's that will ever be on at once is 4 ( 3 sd and 1 hd). Now is it possible to get a 5 box install in this case? the 5 tvs will NEVER all be used at once. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me.. I need the 5 tvs or ill have to either settle for bell tv or make the swap back to robbers. I'd call be all ask but i already know ill call 5 times n get 5 different answers so i always come here first :cool:

Thanks in advanced folks.
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can Bell deliver the signal through the Rogers internet?
At this time, they will not:
Almost anything's technically feasible. That's why I said they will not. Anyway, I don't see any reason for further discussion of that particular topic in this thread.
all the terminals will pause, rewind live TV, something that can only be done with the Rogers PVR and not the other terminals in your home
As an FYI, this is incorrect information. Any other (compatible) 8642 or 4642 STBs can access the recordings on Rogers as discussed in the Rogers WHPVR thread. The WHPVR is also extremely new on Rogers so there are some "bugs".

Please this is not a Rogers vs Fibe thread - that link is below, so let's stick to the topic of Fibe Questions.
Actually it does because I believe Fibe gets their signals from BTV (perhaps not all of them), which currently has lots of compression on the transponders and changes everything to 720P. Once Nimiq 6 is working, that may change...
I forgot to mention that I believe Fibe is MPEG4, while Videotron is still MPEG2 (perhaps changing soon). MPEG4 gets way with about half the bandwidth for the same PQ.
1. You can get RF remote(s) with a RF to IR "repeater" at the location of the receiver, however,

2. The whole purpose of Fibe is to have a STB at each TV and then you can view whatever you want, rather than be limited to the "same" programme, like you were on the 9242. Also, the STBs can produce HD instead of the worst (RF-coax) SD. I suggest you read through this thread where I moved your post and the Fibe Stickies at the top of this forum to see Fibe capabilities, since there's no need to be as limited as you were with the 9242.
I've added a few clarifications to my previous post. There is no reason to have an RF remote with Fibe since there would be a STB at each TV with more capabilities than you had with BTV. Each STB would be controlled by an IR remote with the central PVR doing the recording and sending the appropriate programming to each STB. It's a totally different way of doing things and there is simply no need to try to do things the old way. Please read this and other stickies.
Now that you've added that bit of information, someone else may be able to advise you of a workaround for your situation. For the two additional TVs you may be able to connect them to two of the STBs via RF-coax (or other connection) and view "the same" programming on those TVs as on those two STBs connected to two other TVs, perhaps using an IR repeater if the STBs and TVs are fairly close together. RF-coax would be SD obviously, but that's the same you have now. With Fibe you may be able to use an HDMI switch, or component video connections to view HD on the two TVs connected to the "same" STBs. I do not know the capabilities of all your TVs.

I assume that even though you have 8 TVs, they would not all be "on" at the same time, since even with your previous setup, you had 4 "identical" users. This would be fairly easy if the 4 TVs that need to "share" were in back to back bedrooms for example... Even if the TVs are on at the same time, you currently have the same programming on the 4 TVs, so the scenario under Fibe would provide a bit more flexibility and better picture quality.
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I had a client ask me how to get PiP on Fibe. I looked at the remote and the menus and didn't see anything for PiP. Can someone explain how?

My Rogers remote has a PiP on/off button...
Is it possible there is no actual PiP, but simply an option for the location of the programme image while the guide is up i.e. in any of the 4 corners of the screen?

Is it also possible that there could be differences depending on your available bandwidth - i.e. FTTH would allow for it while FTTN does not? (or any of the other various "tiers" that are available with Fibe?)

Or, if you're recording, you cannot have it?
I was at a client today who has a very old TV that only has an RF-coax input. I tried connecting the Fibe PVR using the RF-coax (TV) output, but could not get it to work. I seem to remember that BTV (sat) uses a higher channel like 62 or something. Does anyone know the output channel on Fibe?

I called Bell Fibe and they said channel 3 or 4, but those did not seem to work and I tried tuning some of the higher channels but didn't stumble across a signal. I ended up using the RF-modulator that the client already had, but I was trying for a cleaner install using RF-coax directly. I don't think the CSR had any clue of what I was trying to do and he would not let me talk to second level directly.
The RF-coax connectors were on the right side when viewed from the back and there were two of them - one above the other if I recall correctly. I think I had the Cable connected to the top one, which I thought was labelled "TV". The input to the box was coax, not Cat5. I believe this was the PVR, not a STB, but I could be wrong since I'm not very familiar with Fibe

It's certainly possible I had the wrong output, but at least I solved it using composite/analogue audio and an RF modulator, which he had in his setup already - that's the way Bell had connected it (don't know why), but we were trying to also hook up a VCR/DVD recorder...

I managed to do that, but there were several workarounds that I had to utilize to make everything work with his very old equipment. (I connected composite/analogue audio to the VCR/DVD and then from the VCR/DVD to the modulator, then to the TV). It means he has to have the VCR/DVD on to watch Fibe, but he was fine with that since Bell could not get that to work and the VCR/DVD was useless to him until I got it working. He also wanted to record fibe, which my setup gave him, so he's happy.

The other weird thing was that the RF-coax output on the back of the VCR/DVD was only a "passthrough" and didn't send any signals to the TV when playing a DVD for example. The operating manual stated that and I tried it too, but it didn't work for watching a DVD, hence the need for the modulator in the loop.

Final resolution Fibe PVR -> VCR/DVD -> RF-Modulator -> TV
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For future reference, I think there is something under SETTINGS that allows you to select the RF channel output.
Thanks for the help. If I hadn't got it to work the way I did, I might have dug deeper into the STB settings, but client is happy and the final solution was better than using RF-coax out anyway. What confused me when I arrived was that the tech had set up the STB using composite to RF-modulator to TV when he should have just connected the RF-out to the TV's RF-in. Perhaps because that's the way the client had connected the VCR/DVD when he was on Rogers... But the Bell Tech could not get the all the equipment working the way the client wanted, but I did. :)
Isn't that exactly what's indicated in the link in post 663 of this thread, or in the link in the Fibe remote control thread, post 1 where this discussion should be taking place?
I'm assuming that what you do is enter one of the codes in post 668 and see if it works by simply pressing, instead of holding the power button, then select (holding does the scanning). Say 0204, then 0205, etc. If not, try the next code. If none of them work, you're likely out of luck and may wish to check out the thread in post 671 to see if there are other suggestions.

Options (hold for 3 seconds), 2 green lights, code, power, select/OK? repeat until code works.

Sometimes it's a good idea to read the instructions to someone else because reading and doing can be difficult and even though I've programmed hundreds of remotes, I still make occasional errors.
...does Bell offer any bundles for just home phone and TV?
Possible, but a bit of a pain since you need to subscribe, then cancel. See the following thread on the topic - last few pages.:
As indicated in post 691, here's the thread on zero rated. Please have a read of what you need to do for that and ask any additional questions on that topic there. My understanding is that you have to subscribe for a month or so and then cancel internet.

Someone else more familiar with Fibe will have to answer your other questions, although the channel lineups are not identical, with some minor differences in the channels that are available.
The programming is encrypted and I'm pretty sure you cannot do either of the things they said you could do.
...the Bell Fibe receiver will output a high resolution picture on the S-Video output...
Although you can watch HD channels, you are limited to a maximum of 480i via S-Video. I wouldn't have thought the HD format setting would have anything to do with S-Video output. ED is 480P. Is there a 480P setting? Again, anything above 480i requires component video or HDMI.

Cables & Connections:
Here's the FAQ on formats. Bell is 720P for broadcast channels. Some on-demand may be 1080P.

There are several threads where this has also been discussed, but it's easier for me to find the FAQ.

The latest information we have, is that Bell (Sat) is converting all of the channels to 720P to save bandwidth. Bell Fibe, Bell Aliant, as well as Telus Sat and Optik get (most/all of) their signals from Bell - some (local area channels) may be direct from the "broadcaster".
Edit - I did find another thread on the topic. I'm sure there are several more posts in other threads.
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