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Fibe, Questions..

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Im thinking of ditching bell tv after 5 years. Love the service, prices are good but sick of satellite tv losing signal in bad storms. The new Fibe tv service is available in my area.I currently have the fibe25 internet. Ive read that its a max of 4 set top box's. My question is i have 5 tvs. I want to change to fibe tv and i obviously want to watch my 5 tv's so i need 5 set tops. The most set top box's that will ever be on at once is 4 ( 3 sd and 1 hd). Now is it possible to get a 5 box install in this case? the 5 tvs will NEVER all be used at once. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me.. I need the 5 tvs or ill have to either settle for bell tv or make the swap back to robbers. I'd call be all ask but i already know ill call 5 times n get 5 different answers so i always come here first :cool:

Thanks in advanced folks.
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Fibe TV beyond Toronto and Montreal?

I've been a Bell TV/Expressvu subscriber for years...but Fibe TV looks very interesting...I especially like the option of accessing the same PVR recordings from multiple digital receivers in different rooms (I currently can do this with a second TV using my old 9200, but would love the flexibility FibeTV would offer).

So, obviously FibeTV is focussed right now on the big Bell markets of Toronto and Montreal...and others here have posted good information of expansion plans within those markets into 2011. Any sense of when they'll start to roll out FibeTV elsewhere?

I live in Ottawa, so that's certainly my first concern...anyone know if there's a chance they'll start an Ottawa rollout by fall 2011? What about other markets, such as Hamilton, London, Quebec City...I'm sure others here might be interested?
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