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Fibe, Questions..

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Im thinking of ditching bell tv after 5 years. Love the service, prices are good but sick of satellite tv losing signal in bad storms. The new Fibe tv service is available in my area.I currently have the fibe25 internet. Ive read that its a max of 4 set top box's. My question is i have 5 tvs. I want to change to fibe tv and i obviously want to watch my 5 tv's so i need 5 set tops. The most set top box's that will ever be on at once is 4 ( 3 sd and 1 hd). Now is it possible to get a 5 box install in this case? the 5 tvs will NEVER all be used at once. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me.. I need the 5 tvs or ill have to either settle for bell tv or make the swap back to robbers. I'd call be all ask but i already know ill call 5 times n get 5 different answers so i always come here first :cool:

Thanks in advanced folks.
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In Quebec, Fibe TV is bundled with Fibe 7 and comes with a 60gb cap.
3: You can customize the guide and there's a pretty cool search function too. I don't know how it compares to Bell TV though.
4: Yes, there's a 30 second skip button and a 7 second back one.
5: There's no such thing as an SD receiver for FibeTV. They're all HD enabled.
6: At the moment, you can't get anything other than Fibe6 with FibeTV. When the TVs are off, you get around 23mpbs down and 4mbps up.
7: I switched to Fibe7 (i'm in montreal) from cable when I got FibeTV. So far, it's been pretty reliable and have not experienced any issues.

This is while my wife is watching TV...
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I really don't know, to be honest with you. I used to have 25/4 when my TV was off, but this is no longer the case. I'm now capped at 7/4. My Bell page used to report my internet service as Fibe 16 but was changed to QIV07 the same day I started being capped. An IPTV supervisor confirmed this will apply to everyone who do not pay for extra speed, but lots of people are still not affected by this. It will cost you 5$ extra for Fibe12 and 10$ extra for Fibe16.

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