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Fibe and VPN

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Right now I have Bell DSL 5/1 unlimited and I'm thinking it's time to go for Fibe 25/10 (Bell site says it's available at my number) to get more speed for less money (I never get anywhere near the 125GB cap, so that won't be a problem).

I work from home using a laptop and Avaya VoIP phone which access my company's network through Cisco AnyConnect VPN. I'm sure it will be no different with Fibe and I'm worrying too much, but I can't afford to find out after I switch that there are known issues with VPN over Fibe since telecommuting is my only option (my company's nearest office is in Atlanta!).

Thanks for any info.
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Have tried out Cisco AnyConnect and it works with Bell Fibe. So there shouldn't be any problem using it, it's the technology on the other side of the modem that changes.

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