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Fibe 7 on Fibe TV running at Fibe 6 speeds?

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Starting last week, my internet service got "capped", according to the plan I pay for. Prior to that, I was enjoying a promo that let me use the line to it's full potential (no speed caps whatsoever).

Problem is, although my service plan is said to allow me up to 7mbps, every speed test i now try cannot go past 6mbps, give or take 100kbps. Some Bell reps tell me this is "normal", although one in particular said my line was capable of much, much more than that, at that the cap shouldn't get stuck at 6mbps.

The funny part is, some Ontario subscribers, who pay for Fibe 6 - not 7 - are also capped at 6mbps, give or take 100kbps. So I'm starting to think that Bell as indeed capped me at a Fibe 6 level, instead of 7, whether they'll admit to it or not. So I'm asking if, please, fibe tv subscribers in ontario and quebec who have fibe 6 and fibe 7 options could perhaps run a few speed checks, on Bell's site or, to see where we all stand. It would be interesting to see if there is any difference at all between the two services ...
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Just to let you know I'm in Montreal and have the exact same problem as you... I Pay for fibe 7, but my speed is capped at 6.10mbps... The max I can get is 6.13 or 6.14 sometimes.

I know my line can do much more since I got fibe 25 and fibe tv and the speed was excellent... It's definitely a profile problem on bell side.
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