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Thank god I found this forum.

It seems like Bell doesn't really know what is my problem. They are either sending me a new modem or a tech guy to check my connection, which solve absolutely nothing.

Here is my problem, I am really looking forward to fix this issue.

I am on the Bell 25 Fibe service.
My modem is: Alcatel Lucent 7130

I am streaming to a site called
I am using a broadcasting program called Dyyno.
My broadcast rate is 3MPBs.

After a certain time, lets say 45 minutes to 1 hour, my internet connection is completely interrupted, there is no more connectivity to the internet, on all computers using this connection.

I have to manually reset the modem so I can connect to the internet again.

I have been speaking with Dyyno tech support to run a debug mode on the program, I thought at first the problem came from there.

We managed to record the entire behavior of the program and its not from there.

I have had this problem occur also just with normal uploads. Ex: Uploading videos to the internet.

After a few hours of uploading the modem completely stall and I have to reboot it.

All the lights on the modem are always green, DSL, Internet etc.

Bell tech supports tells me after reviewing my connection that I never lost connection to the central and that everything is smooth on their end.

I am convinced that this problem come from the modem.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Did you manage to fix it? and how!

I would love to know how I can manage this problem.

If any wizard out there knows how to fix this, ll'l owe you a beer or bottle of wine of your choice if you can help me out!

Thanks in advance

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I have found the solution.

If you ever do encounter this problem, here is the solution.

Speak with a Bell tech support about lowering slightly your user profile.

Your profile is about the speed on which your connection operate.

I was set at 26 MBPS Down 7. something UP

After talking to someone with the same problem, the solution was just really to lower the connection speed just a little.

Everything is back to normal since then.

I think I am sitting at 24 mbps down and 6. something Up

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It took me a few tries untill I found the perfect Profile ( with a Tech Support ).

Initially when they changed my profile the downgrade was huge, I was down at 3 MBPS for my upload speed.

So yeah, I called them back and tweaked the profile as high as I could and kept my connectivity intact during Upload stress.

Here is the exact name of the profile :


You just have to ask them to switch it to this!

This is the perfect profile for any user who put the modem under heavy upload stress.

Enjoy! :)

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The problem you described can be fixed with the appropriate profile! Just call them up and ask them to switch profile to the one I gave above.

It's exactly what was happening to me.

I beleive the problem comes from the booster in the modem.

Anyways, switching profile will fix everything. Good luck
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