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FAQ - Signal Leakage Between CATV and OTA

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If anyone is contemplating running a combination of Cable TV and OTA to the same TVs or receivers, there are specific safeguards you must take to isolate the two signals from eachother. This is not a casual concern, its very important that you do it correctly!

Likewise if you are getting Cable TV channels on your OTA tuner, a neighbour may have a signal leakage problem.

Satellite and OTA into the same TVs or receivers are not a problem.
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Signal Leakage Audit

Today I received a hand-delivered notice from Rogers that they have "determined that the television cable located inside your home is causing signal leakage".

They go on to threaten that "if we do not hear from you within the next two days, Rogers may be required to temporarily degrade your cable television signal".

Can anyone explain this to me? Are they trying to get in my house to see whether my cable is split? Do they not want me to use my own DVR?
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