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FAQ - Signal Leakage Between CATV and OTA

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If anyone is contemplating running a combination of Cable TV and OTA to the same TVs or receivers, there are specific safeguards you must take to isolate the two signals from eachother. This is not a casual concern, its very important that you do it correctly!

Likewise if you are getting Cable TV channels on your OTA tuner, a neighbour may have a signal leakage problem.

Satellite and OTA into the same TVs or receivers are not a problem.
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I received the same letter re: leakage (a great line from the film "Casino" comes to mind, "leakage my [email protected]#s")

They said that Industry Canada forces Rogers to monitor leakage as it may affect police/medical transmissions or something.

I called back the contracted company (not Rogers) and the receptionist was very nice. She said that since I called, they would not shut down my cable service. I made an appointment with a technician to come by.

This guy shows up and disconnects one of my cables cause it showed "leakage" from outside, even before ringing my doorbell. Then he comes in and wants to checks all my outlets. I said to him that they all have a signal so it must be the last outlet in my basement as it is not hooked up to anything.

You know what the problem was. The metal connector of the cable was touching the side of the metal receptacle box (there was no cover plate yet).

All I had to do was pull the cable out a bit.

Make sure you watch the guy like a hawk when he comes by.
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