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FAQ - Signal Leakage Between CATV and OTA

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If anyone is contemplating running a combination of Cable TV and OTA to the same TVs or receivers, there are specific safeguards you must take to isolate the two signals from eachother. This is not a casual concern, its very important that you do it correctly!

Likewise if you are getting Cable TV channels on your OTA tuner, a neighbour may have a signal leakage problem.

Satellite and OTA into the same TVs or receivers are not a problem.
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Rogers detected "signal leakage" from my home...

Last week I had a note placed on my door from a Rogers subcontractor saying they had detected "signal leakage" originating from my residence, and stressing the need to repair it, free of charge.

I understand the need for this and it's importance so I will be calling. I am a legitimates subscriber to Rogers Cable and have nothing to hide as far as their line is concerned or the number of outlets.

But my delimma - I have a "Free to Air" system set up in my home running to four outlets and using two FTA receivers - essentially that gives portability of the receivers throughout the home.

Now my question - the Roger's sub will be coming to my home to look for signal leakage, should I yank out all the FTA equipment before his visit?
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